eBay vent

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  1. There is a seller who is selling a bag I want BAD! They won't sell to me because they don't want to ship to an APO address (its like shipping to a US address, but you must do the small customs form). I've contacted the seller to see if they will make the exception (the listing says they will send the bag via USPS - the required way to send to an APO, so its not like I'm even asking them to change carriers). And seller is like, 'no, I'd rather ship to continental US (not even HI or AK)'...by the way, cost to ship to APO is same as shipping to a NY zip).
    I'm dumbfounded, like.... "You've had this bag listed for 2 months, do you want to sell it or not??"
    -end rant-

  2. Can you have a relative or someone physically in the states purchase it for you? The concern may be the signature confirmation for high end items that Paypal requires over a certain amount. It isn't available for purchase when sending to APO addresses, as far as I recall. At least that used to be the case. I believe Paypal makes an exception for these items that then ship off elsewhere by the military but depending on the cost of the item, it can indeed seem too risky to some sellers. Not shipping to HI and AK is a little bigger mystery though. :smile: Or maybe a homebound seller and she doesn't know how to print customs forms online? All you can do is play by her terms and move on, or have someone trusted purchase it and send it to you? Good luck!
  3. I'm sorry.

    I'm amazed at the sellers who won't ship to Hawaii or Alaska. If you ship flat rate, it costs the same as anywhere else.

    I've shipped APO several times. The customs forms aren't difficult to do. It is all online. I do think you have to take it to the post office rather than have it picked up, which is a pain.
  4. I haven't used them as I tend to have family in the US forward any mail that won't accept APO addresses, but there are shipping agents that will forward mail for you like shipitapo.com and apobox.com.

    Costs a bit extra to do it, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do if you really want something. I haven't used those specific services, but I've used similar shipping agents for purchases from Japanese sellers & companies that won't ship international.

    And while APO does generally require you sign for packages, in my experience, it is a concern many sellers have. (I've always still had to sign for signature required packages at the parcel window when living over seas, If the parcel / envelope required signature I just got a notice in my box and walked over to the window to show ID, sign and collect).

    Although... Honestly an AD member or spouse would have to be a complete moron to commit mail fraud / scam on purchases using an APO address. Honestly, I'd be more comfortable selling and shipping a high value item to an APO. If they tried something, I'd know exactly how to put pressure on setting it straight and it wouldn't matter what part of the world they were in. :P
  5. Although I haven't had a lot of APO buyers, I've never had a problem with them.

    As for sellers who will only ship to "the continental US," they don't realize what they're missing out on. As Whateve said, the shipping cost for flat rate (as well as first class) is no more expensive than shipping to your own state and even regular priority rates aren't exorbitant until you get into oversized boxes.

    Because AK and HI are so far from the mainland, the cost of living (esp. Hawaii) is very high so buying online is a more affordable option and sellers who give those buyers good service are likely to have happy repeat customers.

    Nothing like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    OP, perhaps directing the seller to this thread might relieve some of her anxiety.
  6. I have always shipped to APOs. Never had a problem even though I could not add signature.