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  1. Okay, some of you know from my bag showcase thread that I am desperately trying to sell some of my items on eBay. I listed three items initially: my VIP playing cards, my bronze Vernis Broome wallet, and my prized monogram Abbesses messenger. The cards sold in the first few days with buy it now. The wallet has bids, so that will eventually sell, but my Abbesses! There are 18 watchers, but no bids at all, despite the low $700 price tag (low considering I paid $1,086.25 back in January). I do not know what to do! I absolutely need this money, so this bag MUST sell by the end of these two days. Should I lower my price? I feel though if I lower my price, I am not getting as much as I could have. MHAA!!! :censor::sad: What would you ladies do???
  2. when does your auction end?
  3. 2 Days, 4 Hours, 29 Mins. :sad:
  4. summer is slow on eBay, sometimes you can list the same item 3 times w/o any bids, then on teh 4th time there's a bidding war and you get more than retail!
    Be patient and keep trying!
  5. Did I buy your cards??? If it was me, I snapped em up in the first couple of hrs! Are you sending them to the Channel Islands?
  6. Swanky is right, there could be a bidding war later, I tend to wait till the end and snipe.
  7. What was the retail price on your bag before tax and shipping? When I sell on Ebay, I have to poof my tax and shipping down the drain, as Buyers don't really take those into account. :oh:
  8. Normally, I would be patient, and I never drop my price. Unfortunately thought, this time around, I don't have the luxury of being patient. I need the money by next week. I listed on a 10 day auction, and figured that it would be enough time. Now that there aren't any bids, and nobody has BIN, I'm wondering if I should drop the price even more??
  9. Oh my goodness! Yes you did buy my cards!! :biggrin:
  10. yea and some buyers (not all ) but dont know the difference between authentic or not so they might see other fake bags going for lower and they'll think to them self "wow this guy is ripping us off... i can get teh same bag for 200 ...." little do they know.......so dont worry someone with a eye for LV will snatch up your bag...dont lower your prices!!
  11. From the store? It was $1,000.
  12. I know what you mean, I had 8 watchers and the auction ended with no BID.
  13. Yeah watchers are frustrating. Considering I have 18, I would hope that at least ONE of them was a serious buyer, and will eventually buy the bag, but one never knows! I hate this stress. It would be different if I didn't need to sell right now.
  14. Lots of people also bid at the last moment, so don't lose hope yet !
  15. :smile: Thanks Ayla!
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