Ebay value on this Gucci?

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  1. Mods - please feel free to move post to appropriate location if not in correct place.

    I'm thinking about selling this bag on eBay but wonder what resale value would be for this bag and for what amount I should realistically list? :confused1: TIA!


    I originally paid full price for it.
  2. It's hard to say.. I usually try to look at completed auctions to get a feel for it. I honestly don't do as well on my Gucci's as I do on my LVs for resale value. But maybe it's just the Gucci's I list or how I list them.

    It's such a beautiful bag. I wouldn't want you to sell yourself short.

    If you do sell, make sure you include pics of the front and back of the Gucci Tag.
  3. ^^good advice! Thanks. I like this bag but need to sell it to fund the purchase of another bag. I use the other one more and it's futile to have this beauty just sit in the closet looking so :crybaby:.

    I know my friends/co-workers would NEVER buy it from me. They already think $200 is too expensive!
  4. Unfortuately, I do not think Gucci has a good resale value. Either do many other brand name unless its limited edition or hard to find color. I have found Balenciaga to be one of the bags with good resale value..

    I think 50% of its original price might be a best situation.

    Good Luck~!!
  5. Well, the style is fairly new, so it shouldn't lose toooo much value yet...depending on the condition of the bag. I suggest you think about the lowest amount you'd be willing to let it go for and use that as your starting bid... :yes:

    Good luck!!
  6. I also noticed that the GG fabric bags sell better... am I crazy :confused1:
  7. Eek!! Only half of its value?! :wtf::wtf: I'm *&#(@# out of luck then I suppose! I just can't part with it for that little considering I've used it a total of about 5x. :crybaby:
  8. eep! I have the exact same bag in brown that I bought 2 seasons ago (by that I mean fall) and its in excellent condition. I tried selling it on eBay by the buy it now/best offer thing and no one really wanted it! I got an offer for 300...thats too little. Someone fraudulently bought it with BIN so eBay took off my listing and refunded the money, probably a good thing because it wasnt selling anyway. Now I can maybe redo it..i dont know what to do. I love the bag but its not one of my favorites and would rather use the money for the other things i want. I hope we can sell them for a good price. good luck!
  9. i did notice it on ebay in our country, almost new gucci bags only sell if they're at least 50% off retail. if it's very used... then maybe even only 30%.
  10. :sad::crybaby: Oh that's no bueno! I'm in the same boat as yo are. It's a great bag and I would hate to part w/ it because I know I would find great uses for it AFTER I sell it BUT..........it's not my favorite right now. I just don't see the point of keeping the bag when I could use the $ for other bags, KWIM?

    tabbi - What is the deal w/ the low resale value of Guccis???????? I'm absolutely perplexed!!!!:confused1::confused1:
  11. yeah I know..I would so love to have the money for it, its just sitting there. So are you going to try selling it?
  12. ^^Eh, not sure yet. I might just to give it a whirl ONE TIME. If it doesn't work then I might just keep it and try to get some use out of it.
  13. Yes, please try to give it another chance. I had an Eclipse wallet that was in excellent condition and not even a year old... I bought it for $395 and I think I started it cheap at around $150 and I think that's what I got back.. Dumb move on my part. That was less than half retail! I was half devastated because I thought starting it cheap would generate more interest. It sure didn't.
  14. i really don't know. maybe because they go onsale, unlike LV and Hermes? if you really want a different bag, make sure that it's something you really like because you can't dispose it easily. good luck on your sale!
  15. It's really a beautiful bag! Maybe you could look into consignment stores to see what you could get?

    If you decide to put on ebay, I think you should put as much info to authenticate the bag as possible.

    I think LV may sell better on ebay because of that LV Poupette authentication thing (sorry if I'm saying it wrong) - I think that most people have trouble paying over $500 for a bag that might be fake. At least I know that I would.