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  1. Has anyone had a bad experience with eBay keeping their user/ personal information private?
  2. So far I have not had this type of problem with eBay. I hope I never have it.
  3. Nope, no problems here.
  4. Why do you keep posting this type of question when a thread has already been shut down because of it?
  5. i talked about it with her and told her that it was fine to ask other members if they've had bad experiences as long as it was kept general
  6. My account was hacked into once, and someone tried to sell large ticket items under my ID. Thankfully I found out before the auctions ended. I contacted Live Help and they deleted all the auctions. I changed my password and I haven't had a problem since.
  7. Works for me then Amanda... lol. Just didn't want to see another soap opera develop. I have been a member of eBay for many many years and have never had any problems w/ any of my info being given out. I have had more trouble w/ other places in those terms than on Ebay. But, then again Ebay only has one of my credit cards and it is one w/ a very low limit as I take precautions w/ my financial info on the net. I have one account only that I use for ANY internet purchases.
  8. Well, personally I don't believe it.

    Here's why: your personal information is ALL available to anyone who has ever done a transaction with you on eBay. I know for a fact that some nutjobs out there will do crazy stuff with it, like posting it to a thread in a public forum, because it has happened to me.

    But do I believe someone at eBay gave it to them? Um. No. I just think they dug back through old PayPal records until they found a transaction that we had done before they got pissed off at me, and then decided to plaster that all over a public forum. That is just a risk we all take by participating in eBay, I'm sorry to say. It's not eBay's fault--and believe me, where and when I can legitimately find fault with eBay I am the first to do so!!

    In addition, Photobucket is public unless you choose otherwise. And plenty of other info about you can be dug up quite easily if someone knows the right places to look. Heck, if they have your name & address they can run a credit check on you if they want to; no social security number necessary.
  9. I've never had anything compromised that I know of, I did have my account stolen for about 10 minutes when I was dumb enough to click a link in my ebay messages and enter my password.... whoops.
  10. My photobucket was PRIVATE. I'm not talking about info that could have been gotten thru a transaction either. My CC number? My physical address, not my mailing like i use for transactions.

    And how does one go about posting a board with a different user name then the person actually posting it. This particular user was NARU'd and it was posted. I think only ebay mod's can do that and that's what happend.

    There is too many people out there that have had a similair experience and to many things done on the forum that can't be done by regular users (or ones that don't have some type of pull anyway).

    It doesn't add up. :sad:
  11. I don't think eBay mods are privvy to any personal info. . . I highly doubt many eBay employees are either.

    My answer is no, no way.
  12. I guess there are other ways to get information, maybe they got it from somewhere other than ebay. Heck, I have access to a lot of personal information, all i need is a name and state and i can get all sorts of stuff, but i work in law enforcement and there is no way i'd risk my job giving that stuff out.
    I've seen enough tv and movies to know it's not hard to get personal info off the internet. LOL
  13. I doubt it came from Ebay. Even when you request someone's contact info through Ebay they only give you the name, city, state and phone #. I just did this recently to get one of my buyer's phone#'s and I had to share my info with that person as well. The info I got and was sent to my buyer did not have my address on it.

    I don't know why you are posting this again when your other thread was shut down.
  14. I have never had a problem with my personal information with ebay.
  15. I am quite interested in knowing what happened. I looked up your (theshadowbox) Ebay ID's and although they are NARU, your feedback was nearly immaculate. I am curious as to why you were NARU-ed, if it wasnt for the complaint about law enforcement, then what? Also, I am aware of the fact that there are times when Ebay asks for information that is really not neccessary, like SSN's, copies of drivers license, and more...I felt extremely wary about supplying them with this info, and coupled with the fact that it is near impossible to speak with someone in customer service at EBay, I feel not only worried but downright indignant. I want to know where this info goes, if its destroyed, or saved etc. Anyhow, I looked at the Ebay thread about your Chanel bag. I dont know if the bag was real or fake but I do see that you were trying to find out if it was authentic. If that thread is the reason that you were NARU-ed...then thats total BS for Ebay to do that to you.
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