Ebay- "Upcoming Changes to the Feedback System"

  1. I don't see a thread on this, but today there was a link on "My eBay" to an article about the new changes to the feedback system. I think this will help out quite a bit with those of us that have dealt with bad ebayers.


    Cheers! :jammin:
  2. Detailed Seller Ratings – In addition to the current positive, negative or neutral comment, buyers will be able to rate their sellers on specific aspects of a transaction -- Item Description, Communication, Shipping time and Shipping & Handling Charges. Scores are based on a conventional 1 to 5 scale, with 1 being the lowest and 5 the being the highest rating. The average score for each rating will be displayed on the seller's Feedback Profile page.

    This is only for seller ratings - it seems like just another way that bad buyers can screw with sellers. This stuff is so subjective.

    How about adding "detailed buyer ratings"?
  3. What good is the new feedback system when eBay constatnly fails me as both a buyer and a seller?

    As a buyer, I am still facing lots of scam sellers. Just search under any designer handbags such as LV, Heremes, Fendi, or Chanel. Out of the hundreds of bag for sale, I can count with my two hands the number of authentic bags listed. eBay has not done a decent job weeding out these crooked sellers.

    As a seller, a new one I may add, I had the listing on my LV bag pulled 3 times. The first time was due to unknown reasons (eBay cannot explain). The second time was successfully listed for 2 days, ended with a BIN bid by an hijacked UK account (as I was told later), and conseqently was pulled. As for the third, I never even saw the listing actually appearing under a regular search. It was pulled within hours due to trademark infringement violations. When being confronted, eBay refused to disclose reasons, and gave a non-personal, standard automatic response. I feel like I have been talking to a wall.:yucky: :cursing:

    Let me add that in my listing, I never used the words "like-new or new". I provided very detailed and clear pictures showing the LV heatstamp and datecode. Yet, this listing was pulled, even it "passed the second time.

    Will I try to sell again? The answer is not up to me, because eBay threatens to suspend my account if I list something that gets pulled again for whatever reasons (their call, their judgement). Furthermore, if I even attempt to list anything, eBay requires that I take a seminar on selling and that I must pass in order to proceed selling. What a joke!:cursing: I feel so helpless!:sad:

    I give up!:shrugs:
  4. Is it the one where you also give a rating, using the stars etc.

    I thought it changed weeks ago. In the UK it seems to have been quite a while.
  5. It really annoys me that they have not augmented the feedback system for sellers leaving feedback on buyers as there are so many deadbeat bidders out there.
  6. Considering how bright and honest most (not all) ebayers are (insert sarcasm 101), this should be quite the train wreck for ebay. I bet people won't leave fb as much.
  7. I'm not too fond of the new system myself. Some people will praise higher than others even if a transaction was flawless. It leaves too much room for interpretation. I'm not looking forward to the change.
  8. Probably for the same reason that most business rate themselves and their services - but NOT their customers! I realize eBay is a bit different - but there are services and sites where sellers share information about bad buyers and bad buyer ID's.

    Rating the sellers is just good business - like Amazon does. Sure it's subjective, but most of us won't take the time to bother with ratings unless we have serious reasons to - and my subjective opinion is always strongly in favor of good sellers.

    Anyway, I think this is a major change, sellers won't like it much, but it is much needed.
  9. Yes, that would be an improvement too.

    I am starting to feel like ebay is run by a bunch of monkies, who eat doughnuts and bananas all day.
  10. Aww, sorry to hear that you have had a lot of bad luck with ebay.

    They are totally cracking down on the wrong people! :cursing:

  11. How detailed could they be for buyers, though?

    Payment, Speed of payment and Communication are the only ones that would be really relevant about buyers, aren't they? :shrugs:

    What other categories would you want to add?
  12. I completely agree.
  13. Even if people are subjective and vary in their opinions, we sellers will learn to adjust for that - as with movie reviews, and reviews on other online stores.

    There's just no way around it, we need better info on sellers (although I think toolhaus - if eBay lets it go on existing is perfectly fine).

    I do think eBay should make it way harder for someone to get a new account - which is how buyers scam and hijack auctions. They need a system where they temporarily log and keep ISP's for 40 days or so, and if a person fails to pay, they are blocked from buying at that ISP - that would really cut down on fraud.

    Plus, they need to take back that anonymous bidder over $200 rule - some of us who buy certain things regularly figure out who the scammers (and shillers) are - if we read their names and bid histories. We can contact sellers and warn them - and sellers should be permitted to easily share their lists of banned buyers.

    As a seller, I'd continue to ban buyers with less than 10 positive feedbacks (or even more) from auctions on high end items. Let buyers build up their feedback buying low $ items...
  14. Monica, you're completely right.
    My UK friends tried it out before we got it and HATED it.
    Buyers can condemn Sellers for things that they can't control, like how long USPS gets them their package, etc. . . .