ebay uk best offer

  1. finally they're updating best offer ! 3 offers and we can counter too, i assume as in the US.:tup:
  2. About time too! I hated the way you could only make one offer and thats it.
    There was no room for negotiation or anything.

    Im glad to hear we finally have the same offers system as US eBay!
  3. i know, it was hardly worth bothering with !
  4. Bravo...UK eBay are so slow...all we need now is the same fast online chat!!!
  5. huh? how come i didn't know about this? does this mean that buyers now can make 3 offers? i will def. look into this on eBay.
  6. its on the announcements pages
  7. Hi, thanks for sharing this ?. What does this come into action because Ive just declined a few offers and there was no counter offer option :sad:
  8. it didn't specify a date, just that it was next week (i guess this week now)