ebay uhh.. negative/NPB thing. ..

  1. sorry i couldnt think of what to name the title. anyway.. i sold my juicy couture glamourous jacket on ebay to jbabb33.. she won the auction 8 days ago, i sent her an invoice immediately upon end of auction, and she hasn't paid. yesterday i sent out another letter asking for payment, and reminding her that payment is due within 7 days unless prior arrangements have been made (and no such arrangements have occured). i said in the letter that she has 24 hours to respond or i'll file a NPB report and leave negative feedback.

    well now it's been 24 hours.. should i just do it? i dont wanna get negative feedback on my beautiful 100%+ feedback.

    and it sold for so cheap too.. *dies*.. thing retailed for like $140, and it sold for a mere $25.. it's not like it's fake or anything. god. :sad: :mad:
  2. I would, that way they get a strike against them and after so many UID strikes they get the boot. Plus you can get your fees back
  3. Write to eBay. Attach all messages sent and explain the situation.
    You say it's only been a week, i've waited longer to be paid. File your problem with eBay (be the first to do so) and if the person doesn't pay they will get a strike.
    In that case if you recieve a negative from her, just respond sayin "non paying buyer got angry when i files a negative".

    I wish everyone could just play nicely on eBay. No one EVER does!
  4. You gave warning and she didn't abide by the rules-I say file the claim with eBay-if she has the nerve to give you neg feedback-you can always reply with what happened. I know I personally always read the actual neg feedback on a person-because I know sometimes it is just retaliation. Good luck!
  5. File the NPB if no response.
    When you leave negative feedback, simply state

    "NPB. Any negative given by NPB is retaliatory in nature and carries no weight since NPB VOIDED the auction."

    Or something like that.
  6. Oh and theres supposedly some new thing if the NPB does not respond to the complaint filed they can't leave feedback but I don't know all of the exact details.
  7. You mean Feedback Extortion?
  8. If it were me I would not give the negative feedback cause you don't want to get stung yourself. Just do the forms they have where you ask her to acknoweldge that the sale did not complete by mutual consent. It's just annoying when stuff like this happens but it's all part of eBay -- no sense in risking getting your ratings hurt though.
  9. Ebay's rules state that you can file the UID on the 8th day after auction closes. After that you must wait another 7 days (on the 8th day) to close the dispute. That is ONLY if the buyer doesn't respond to the dispute. If the buyer does respond you can choose to accept their payment or you agree to cancel the sale.
    In terms of feedback:
    If they do not respond to the dispute and you close it on the 8th day, they CANNOT leave you feedback. So definitely....neg them...let other sellers know they are a problem!!!!!!

    If they do respond and you both decide not to complete the sale, then they can leave you feedback. Then you're in a dilemma because they can neg you back. It is up to you to decide if you want to risk your feedback score at that point. Personally....I would do it. If they neg you in return you can do a followup to their feedback saying it is retaliatory.
    Most good buyers will read feedback....the ones that don't...well you probably don't want them buying from you anyways!
  10. You need to file a dispute with ebay and they cannot leave you negative feedback.
  11. Yes, go ahead and file a NPB. I don't leave neg feedback until like the last possible day. . . I forget how many you have {60 or 90?} that way she probably won't make it in time to leave retaliatory feedback.
  12. It is 90 days...although some people are saying that there are times when they can leave feedback past 90 days.
    The only time the person CANNOT leave feedback is if they DO NOT respond to the dispute! Just opening a dispute does not guarantee they can't leave feedback!
  13. You can't file a NPB report until the 7th day after the auction ended. If the buyer does not respond to the report 7 day after the report was filed, and you close it, the buyer CAN leave feedback, but no red/green/grey dot will be shown and a note under their comment will read "member did not participate in NPB report".

    If you accept Paypal, then your terms mean nothing. According to Paypal, a buyer has 7 days to pay. Also, it's only been 24 hours. Maybe your buyer only has access on certain days or at certain times. Also, she might need to get paid first to buy it. Just chill out and if she pays, then ship it. If she doesn't, file your NPB.
  14. Its been 8 days, she sent the last reminder giving the buyer 24 hours to respond.
  15. Allison...you are absolutely correct...I totally forgot about the feedback thing...that they can leave it, but it's absolutely useless and can't harm the seller's feedback! Thanks!