eBay Truth.....

  1. 85% of all designer bags on eBay are fake.... No matter what the seller says.
  2. 85% is pushing it.

    there are a lot of fakes, but I would say it's probably more like 50%. some designers are also faked a lot more than others. 85% of lv's may be fake simply because there aren't as many channels for people get real ones to sell as there are some other brands.

    wallets, keychains and accessories, I totally agree, stats say 90-95% of those are fake
  3. I guess I'm fortunate, accept for one, 4 years ago, every bag I have ever bought on eBay has been authentic.
    Know your seller & know your product.
  4. id go higher than 50%
  5. That's whey there are forums on designer bags. To help people learn what's real, what isn't and if it's too good to be true it probably is.
  6. There are a lot of fake bags on ebay but there are honest sellers also just try to find recommendations for honest sellers on here
  7. Thats an interesting fact. :yes:

    Being stuck up here in Alaska for the past 3 yrs....I have purchased probably at least a dozen 100 %authentic Coach's (im a die hard Coacher) all NWT.

    Guess im pretty luck!!!:graucho:
  8. where'd you find that statistic?
  9. In my experience, about 95% of the Fendi Spys on eBay are fake. It is ridiculous.
  10. There's no shortage of fakes on the bay, that's for sure.
  11. you have to do your homework
  12. I agree. It may not be 85% but I would say it is definately over 50%.
  13. That's quite the statement!
    I'd like some proof to back that up.
  14. I think it definately depends on the designer. Louie's are the most faked. But I have bought a bulk of my designer bags and only one was a suspected fake. I bought a Hayden, two Isablela Fiorre, Kooba, one Coach and 3 Bliss Laus all real.
  15. oh no.... its sad to know how many fakes are out there... and the worst thing is they even faked receipts and authenticity cards!! I hate scammers!!