Ebay trauma

  1. I ordered a BIN from seller lvkate who is mprs and has great feedback, and even got some props from PFers. I bought on Tuesday and my paypal has gone through but I've heard nothing from her. Nothing in her listing says she was away or anything. All her comments say stuff like "super fast ship."

    So now I'm disturbed. What if it got lost in the mail or something? I've emaild her twice and haven't heard back. Hopefully she is just out of town or something?

    I know it hasn't been that long yet, but how long does it usually take for you guys to get your stuff? I usually get it faster. Should I be worried or just chill?

    lvkate, where are you?????:crybaby:
  2. You know, I really think it would be nice for sellers to send a quick e-mail letting you know "payment received and item shipped". I too have been in your position where they never answered my e-mails but suddenly the item showed up with no problem. I know it is frustrating but it is probably on the way...
  3. I agree--I want to know when things are shipping--department stores tell you--and when I sell something, I always send a note--and not an automated note either--I send a personal note. But, some people don't. It doesn't mean it hasn't been shipped. Don't start worrying yet.
  4. ^^^yes, I've always gotten those courtesy notes and they are very reassuring. I guess I've just been lucky so far! Thanks guys:smile:
  5. Hi MandyM, with most of my Ebay transactions, I never hear from the buyer but the item shows up. I wouldn't worry if she has good feedback.
  6. ^^ I agree - its sounds like you have done your research and I am sure it will all be fine - let us know when it arrives:flowers:
  7. Happens all the time. Not every seller is nice enough to send a personal note that the item has been shipped. If a shipment takes really long however (over 2 weeks) I will e-mail and so far have always heard back from the seller. It's probably on the way :smile:
  8. Hey MandM - I recently bought something for her, too. Her brother died unexpectedly recently, so she had to go out of town, and her shipments have been delayed. She apologized profusely for the delay. I'm sure you'll get it very soon!
  9. yes, i agree with some of the girls. because mostly this mprs are some kind of a consignment store, most of them don't handle each sellers in a private way.
    i think you should wait a few days :P
    good luck girl
  10. I hope it comes really soon. I would take comfort in the fact that she has good feedback, and give them the benefit of the doubt for a little while longer.
    If it does not turn up soon, you can request her contact telephone number from ebay by listing the item number, and that will help put your mind at rest :smile:

    I hope its stunning when it arrives. What bag was it that you went for? :biggrin:
  11. MandM ~ It's So Good You Posted Here! Bagluver Knew What Going On (Sad!). eBay Is So Hard. Majority Are One Person Sellers & If Something Unexpected Happens???? You Should Probably Have It Within A Week.
  12. I know, I hate not hearing anything. It makes me really uncomfortable also. She is a trusted seller so try to hang tight.
  13. Thanks everyone -- I do feel bad now for being all worked up over a bag whenever she had such a family tragedy. But that's the thing with ebay, you usually don't know the person, so have no idea what's going on.

    Thanks again for all the reassurance -- I'm relieved now!
  14. Relieved that you now know the cause of the hold-up. Hope it arrives soon or that you receive word soon.
  15. I know you have discovered the reason for the delay, but usually if I email a seller and don't get a response in about 24 hours then I try sending them a message through Ebay (through the completed auction, the Ask Seller button on it). Sometimes their paypal email address is one they rarely check but their Ebay email they check more.

    Also, I believe some sellers delay shipping for a day or two to make sure the buyer isn't going to do a Paypal chargeback right away, and to clear out their account.