eBay transaction--- my mistake (kind of long)

  1. I'm shaking right now because I may get my first negative feedback, but I think I did the right thing.

    I won an eBay auction for a bag (won't say which bag), but did not realize until after the auction closed that the bag is a fake. I compared the bag to the ones sold in dept. stores, so there is no doubt in my mind that it was a fake. Plus, the bag in the auction looks like the bag being sold on iOffer. :throwup: I guess I just got too excited that I could get it on eBay for less, but the price really was too good to be true.

    Anyway, I contacted the seller explaining nicely why I was not going to pay for the bag. I feel kind of bad (I know it sounds crazy), but I'm positive I did the right thing. The seller will probably give me a negative feedback. :sad: What do you all think? Was I out of line, or within reason?

    Thanks for reading.
  2. slickskin, you did the right thing! By selling fakes, the seller violated ebay rules and should be reported. Who cares about a negative when you could've been swindled? Of course this also teaches you to be more careful next time but this happens to everyone! Be glad that you caught it in time or you might have been out $$$$. Don't worry slickskin! I'm sure the seller is more worried himself!
  3. Hey, I'm really proud that you caught it before it was too late. Anyone who has ever been scammed is grateful - You did the absolute right thing!!!
  4. You can respond to any feedback seller gives you and tell your side for all to see. Good luck :smile:
  5. If she leaves you negative feedback, just leave her negative feedback.
  6. totally respond to her feedback! don't leave anything at all until after they have (if they do at all, chancesa they won't as they know you';ll just retaliate). If she does neg you, then hit respond to feedbac k& just put something ;like 'I refuse to pay for a FAKE bag!!' & in the feed back you leave her make sure you put the words FAKE & ILLEGAL in it!

    good luck, but don't do anything feedback wise until they have! you should also contact ebay & report the item as fake. won't do a great deal, but you never know!
  7. An important thing to remember is that negative feedback is much more damaging when you are the seller in the situation. Remember to clearly and concisely explain what happened in your retort to their feedback. Don't name call, because it will reflect on you. Good luck!
  8. Be very careful on ebay!!! There are a lot of fakes. I know all too well because I made the same mistake! When I contacted the buyer about the fake Louis, she told me she bought it from another ebayer and realized it was a fake and she was trying to recoup her losses!! The nerve!!!! She refused a refund, but I didn't neg her...karma!!!! I use it for a work tote, the weird thing is everyone thinks it is real...it is all in the way you carry it!!
    Oddly enough, you are not allowed to say replica or imitation when listing a bag. You really need to look at feedback and especially the amount of items the seller has sold.

    Be careful and don't be afraid to contact the seller directly during auction and verify authenticity, even if they tell you not too.

    Hope I helped!:roflmfao:
  9. you did the right thing, don't be afraid if it was a fake, you can respond with your side of story :smile:
  10. she is unlikely to leave you negative, as you are bound to respond with the fact that she is selling fakes.
    I would fire off an email to ebay saying you have discovered before paying that she is selling fake items, and what do they recommend you do about it
    If you are sure this bag is fake, you should not feel bad, it is this counterfiet scammer lady that should feel bad. Gosh, fakers are the scum of the earth IMO.
  11. Thanks to everyone for the words of wisdom.

    Update: The seller seemed understanding (I thought my message was polite, but firm) and we mutually agreed to cancel my bid. eBay still wants us to leave each other feedback, but I won't be the first to do so. It sounds like it's all going to be ok. I learned my lesson though: Always double check the pictures and compare the item to what is is old in stores.