ebay trademark rules

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    HI--I was in here a few days ago getting a chanel purse authenticated (or not). I had tried to sell it on e-bay, honestly believing( I swear) that it was real. The listing was pulled either because someone picked it as fake and reported it, or because I admitted in my listing that I was not positive but would refund money.

    Since then I have seen other listings both with fakes (the link shows a listing where she admits she doesn't think the chanel is real.)
    And another for a coach where he flat out says I don;t know if it is real or not, but I'll give money back, if it's not. (just like what I said).

    Help! Is this just a wording game????
    I have quite the collection, and I also come across purses all the time and would like to continue selling them, but until I figure out this game I can't.

    Any help?
    Was I just unlucky (lucky actually seeing how my purse wasn't real after all)) that my listing got flagged?
    It is not my intent to sell illegal items, but, I am not an expert, I get purses based on style and quality, not names. Any help or advice for future listings would be helpful. (besides checking with you guys first) E-bay customer support is a joke-they will not answer any questions.
  2. It could be either that someone reported your auction as fake, or that Chanel VERO shut you down. It could also be that eBay randomly shut down your auction.

    Best thing to do when you are not sure is to have your items authenticated first. Like you said, you don't want to do anything illegal by selling counterfeits.
  3. There are so many fake bags out there they can't catch everyone. You were probably just unlucky and got caught. If you want to sell on eBay you need to authenticate each bag to the best of your ability before listing it. The people on this board are very good with that.
  4. eBay has just shut down 2 of my auctions for authentic LV bags, and I'm really really angry and frustrated. I'll NEVER own or sell a FAKE. They just randomly shut auctions down for authentic designer labels and leave the FAKES up there! Grr....