ebay tokis?

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  1. on my way to find a find some tokis, i found listings for some pretty cute diaper bags. reasonably priced too, i think. too big for me but nice just the same. siiigghhh..........i want more zuccas!
  2. Hi Jacdo I am looking for a diaper bag in the Paradiso print ! Do you happen to have the links ? I love Tokidoki For LeSportSac diaper bags ! But my heart is set on Paradiso . Zucca is my favorite style too ! I own one in Famiglia , Adios Star , L'Amore , Paradiso , Tutti , and I think that is it ! I was bidding on perfect placement Foresta Zucca about a week and a half ago and lost it the very last few seconds ! That Foresta Zucca is haunting me ! I want one so bad ! I think Zuccas are the best style Tokidoki For LeSportSac ever made . But I also love Giocos , Buon Viaggios , Mamma Mia , as well as Mammas ! And the accessories ! Denaros I love them too !