ebay title with "TPF" in it?

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  1. I was wandering around the halls of ebay and noticed a Coach bag that had TPF in the title. I read the description and they said they were a member of The Purse Forum.

    Just curious, how would you know if that was true or not? Couldn't anybody claim that they were members here?

    After buying that fake purse I'm looking at everything with new eyes now! LOL!:sunnies
  2. On bonanzle sellers put TPF in the title also. Just ask what their tpf name is and look it up :smile:
  3. Yes, if they are a true and honest active member they should have no problem giving their TpF member name. People WILL use that to get buyers to instill FALSE trust but it's not always the case. Alot of active members are just proud and feel that being a member of TpF let's buyers know that they have true knowledge about certain brands etc.
  4. That's what I do on eBay. Many members have the same exact screenname on eBay and here.
  5. Wow - I didn't know they did that ... I will have to keep my eye out for this in auctions

  6. When I list on ebay I do mention that I'm a TPF member and I encourage buyers to post my listing on the "authenticate this coach" thread.
  7. Please remember that no matter who is selling the bag, always do your homework, check out their feedback and have the item authenticated. I think some people tend to get a false sense of security when they see that a seller is a tpf member.
  8. Send the seller a message, ask them for thier Tpf ID then, message the Tpf ID on here and make sure they are the same person.
    Also, once you have confirmed that they are in fact the same person, you can also check out thier post count here or how long they've been a member, etc.

    PS: Just a little warning...
    Don't EVER trust a seller just because they are a member of Tpf. There have been many cases where a Tpf member scamed another Tpf member.
  9. Without being a total b*tc|-| ....
    Don't trust ANYONE who you don't know on a personal level that doesn't live near or next to you. Just because they are a TPF'r does not mean they are legit, or sell genuine items. Everyone has the potential to scam someone else, so don't use the title "TPF" as any more reason to buy something than you were already willing to consider the purchase for.

    ALWAYS protect yourself online... and give your trust out to others only where it is warranted and proven that it won't be abused.

    Not a sermon, just a thought...