Ebay Tips & Tricks


Jan 29, 2006
So many of you ladies are experienced Ebayers, I thought we could maybe all pool our knowledge together!

I've made about 40-50 sales, and the big thing I've noticed is that BOLDing the auction title doesn't do a damn thing but everytime I put the little highlighting box around it, my auction shoots way past the prices of identical items. Well worth the $3.00.

I also host my pictures on www.imageshack.us because I hate paying for the picture fees... just in case some of you haven't discovered a good hosting site yet.
really didn't know the highlighted thing works! hmmmm might have to try it... sorry i don't have any other tips except to take really good photos. and no blurred shots! that's worse than not posting a photo.
Take pictures of EVERY detail that would be vital to prove authenticity. Take pictures of every flaw.

Make sure to mention flaws and if anything is distressed that is supposed to, make sure to mention that it's supposed to look like that. NEVER ASSUME anything.

Size pictures so they don't make someones 56K dial up die in a fire.

Stating that something is more than 100% anything (i.e.: item is 2000% authentic) is silly.

Don't clutter your pictures with flowers or garbage.

No need for a long TOS, all you need to discuss is: payment type, deadline, shipping, return policy.

NEVER discuss feedback.

NEVER give sob stories or anything irrelivant to the item (i.e.: my mom's, dog's, lamp died so I'm selling the entire estate and blah blah blah blah.)

NEVER KWS (i.e.: NWT Louis Vuitton not Fendi, Chanel, Gucci) The title should only consist of what brand you are selling. In your auction body, you are allowed to compare you item to another (i.e.: "This Lush Padlock bag is inspired by Chloe Paddington." or "This Chloe compares with the quality of Fendi.")

NEVER put a celebrity name in your title (i.e.: Balenciaga like Nicole Richie's.)

Don't put your kids or your dogs pictures in your auction, unless the auction is for kids clothing or pet supplies.

If you are selling something that looks new (never been worn/used or washed) then it is NWOT. Worn/used once does NOT mean NWOT.

Give measurements on handbags, clothes, etc.

I'll think of more later.
I think tons of pictures and putting one item up in the showcase (29.99 I think) really gives your other auctions a bump if you're doing 10 items or so.
If you have lots of stuff to list, do them in similar groups. That way wehen someone finds one thing they like of yours there's a chance they'll peruse you other auctions, thus giving your other items more exposure.
Also, bookmark this eBay calendar:
gives some insightful info on start/end timing.
Also, do a search of already ended items like the one you want to sell. Savvy eBuyers do this to make sure they're getting a good deal.