ebay suspension-Abusing ebay??

  1. I have received a message from eBay stated that my account has suspended due to user agreement-abusing eBay??? I listed authentic handbags on eBay. I sold a few of them. I really don't understand what this means.. My buyers are worried because they received messages my account has removed from ebay. Please someone explains this situation?
  2. someone reported you
  3. Oh dear, milano! :sad:

    So sorry to hear about this - I wonder if you, inadvertently, upset another seller, in the Authenticate This Chloe thread and they decided to report you?
  4. So sorry about this - are you sure that the email has actually come from eBay and its not a scam one to get you to do their link to your account or anything?

    You normally have to have 3 items removed for breaching policy before they suspend your account.

    Have you sold something recently that you maybe had a problem with - perhaps the buyer has been malicious or something.

    I hope you get it sorted out soon.
  5. I would call them, but be VERY nice to whoever you get on the phone. I know your frustrated, but being super nice to the CS person at ebay helps. (I speak from experience)

    See if there is any way to rectify the situation. Sometimes it helps them to know that you will do what it takes to clear your good name.

    Unfortunately there are people who report sellers as a hobby it seems lately.

    Good luck!:heart:
  6. Thank you for all your input.

    I have had not any problems with buyers in the past. I received all positive feedbacks from them. My entire auctions were removed from ebay even unsold, sold items. ebay sent messages to buyers who alreday received items that I am no logner ebayer user. I didn't do anything wrong. I have no idea what to do.
  7. Really? I never thought about that... I don't think I did something wrong to any memebers in the forum. I have no idea.. :crybaby:
  8. Do you know the phone number that I can reach CS person?? I called the number on ebay, but they put me on hold for a hour. I couldn't talk with any CS person. Is there any different phone number than on ebay? BTW, I received a message from one ebay member who told me that my photos were stolen from someone who listed my photos on iOffer.com. before my account has suspended. I told iOffer seller to remove my photos. That is crazy some people report sellers as a hobby?
  9. You can only phone ebay normally if your a silver power seller or more , there is live help which are very helpful , is there any way you can get your items authenticated , would suggest you start getting letters of authenticity organised now cos you might be in for the long haul .
  10. maybe is your credit card on file expired? I once got suspended for having an old credit card on file. Those greedy bastards take it VERY seriously when they miss out on their pennies.
  11. She said 'user agreement-abusing ' . It doesn't say anything about trademark infringement. She needs to go on ebay live and see if they can help.
  12. Hi. If you get stuck, go to the Ebay T&S and also the Shoes & Purses Forum. They might be able to point you in the direct direction, esp if everything you sold is authentic. There is someone on the Shoes Board that might really help you out.
  13. I would suggest contacting ebay ASAP and trying to solve the problem. After a while they just stop caring. Live support is probably your best bet.
  14. Thank you for the informaiton. I didn't know that only silver power sellers can talk with CS person.
    I called the CS and put me on hold. I have all documenantations such as invoices from authorized boutiques, US Custom, Pre-forma, Shipping documentations.
  15. Thank you for all your support.

    I talked with live help, but he told me that I will receive a message from Trust & Safety Department within 7 business days.