Ebay suspended my account

  1. Hi,
    I just find out this morning thats eBay had suspended my account for the reason :Abusing eBay.
    I don't understand whats their means by that. I just ship my first sale yesterday(A Lv damier wallet) and they are removed my 2nd listing today(LV viva cite Pm) for the above reason. My item are my own and they are authentic. I have 7 positive feedback. I really don't understand why eBay doing this to me. Is there anyone can explained this?
    Thank you for your help.

    god i am so mad at ebay
  3. gheez, what is the real reason they're suspending your accounts?? is it something about trademark infringement?
  4. No, They didn't says anything about trademark violation.The reason for them to suspended my account is Abusing Ebay. I've sent an email to them to ask what does it mean by Abusing Ebay, but I've get no answer from them yet. I am just a newbie on ebay, I sold my first Lv damier wallet and just ship out yesterday. I am listing a LV Viva Cite Gm for sell but Ebay already removed my auction. All of my item are absolutely authentic, I just don't know the reason of all this...and very FRUSTRATED :sad:
  5. thats really frustrating, i hope u resolve everything soon...
  6. It's horrible how you can't even get through to ebay and receive a reasonable explanation from them! That is so frustrating. Post if you find out anything from them and let us know because we're all wondering, too!
  7. Thank You, but NO MORE EBAY for me. Just too much headace.Especially I don't sell on ebay to make my living, I just sell some of my pre-owned item to funds the new one, but it doesn't worth all this problems and headache.:sad: :confused1:
  8. Are you sure that someone you know didn't bid on your items? When they use the term "abusing ebay" they are usually referring to shill bidding. Sometimes a buyer may bid on several of your items and they think it is shilling.
  9. I agree! They're too much headache! First, you might violate a LOT of policies they're into! Second, there are a lot of NON-PAYING BIDDERS in ebay that sometimes, abuses you too! I'd rather sell it somewhere else rather than ebay.. TSK!