Ebay : suspended me for ???

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  1. I am so frustrated with Ebay, I am suspended again. First time was linking my account to a suspended acct - which was not mine and they had wrongly linked me to someone else. It is alright after I faxed them all my data. :confused1:

    But today, they had suspended me for violation or abuse of Ebay. :cursing: I have 2 items on sale, one close last nite, one is my DIY jewellery and another is a vintage blouse. I also bought some stuff off ebay and had paid for the items already and waiting for my items.

    What the heck is ebay doing? Targetting at random users? :hysteric:

    Anyone else had that happened to them before? OR am I a random target. :yucky: Any thoughts any one?
  2. ebay doesnt randomly target people. what were the violations that you were suspended for? and youre only allowed one link to further describe the item being sold.
  3. I've been a member since '02 I think and I've never had a problem with my account. I'm a buyer mostly, but I've sold a few things, too.
  4. I'm confused too. Did you relist items that were removed? I think that's generally how sellers get suspended. I couldn't understand what you were trying to say about the links. Did they not give you a reason? Can you reach someone live for an explanation? I think that they usually send a warning if selling behavior violates their policies. I don't believe that they suspend sellers otherwise, unless the seller continues to do what he/she was warned against. Maybe because you were suspended before, there was zero tolerance?
  5. They aren't targeting random users. :confused1:

    They mean they suspended your acct again because they linked it to a suspended acct. Once you get suspended you aren't allowed to have any more accts, so if they find any accts linked to a suspended acct it will automatically be suspended too. You said this is your second time being suspended... So they suspended you because you were already suspended and you can't have any more accts when you are suspended.

    If they linked you to someone else suspended... that just doesn't make sense. You need to clear that up with them.
  6. I think she already cleared it up with the being linked to the suspended account? She/he stated that she was wrongly linked, but it was okay after she faxed them some data....
    I think that's what it meant?
  7. Why don't you try calling them on the phone and get info about what's gone wrong with your account?
  8. sorry for being missing. I was out with a viral fever. Ebay had suspended me first while they check out if I am connected to another suspended account. :cursing: Nothing wrong with my listing, Ebay just replied, they suspended me cos they think i am linked to another account.

    They cleared up everything after I messaged them and made noise. Like where can I fax my data to you to clear this up. Basically, not taking a back seat (learnt from my last experience).

    They cleared me, and unsuspended me, I am so happy to be able to be on ebay :cutesy:

    BUT it's not fun to be suspended for no rhyme or reason. A hassle when I do have ongoing auction.

    Thank you for listening to me ranting. It's total frustration! :balloon: