Ebay Success Stories?

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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm almost going to be 18 and really want to get into the ebay selling. Anything you want to share, good or bad, as ebay sellers? Have you actually made money doing it? Or is it more hassle than its worth? Also, have you switched from ebay to another site with less fees? Any feedback is needed =) Thanks =)

    Ps. I am in no way trying to sell on tpf or promote any sellers on ebay or any other site.
  2. Search the posts in this subforum and you will find the answers you seek. :yes:

    The short answer- ebay sucks and Bonanzle rocks! ebay is more hassle than it's worth...I hate selling on there now.
  3. Thanks for your reply =)
    oo i've heard of bonanzle, guess its going to b the new ebay!
  4. Yeah I've been trying to sell one of my bags on Ebay for awhile now, with NO luck whatsoever...

    I've never bought or sold on Bonanzle, but I hear its good.

    I also hear that summer is just a sucky time for sellers because its known as the buyer's season. Not totally sure why, but if that is the case then I'm definately feeling the effects!

    Some good advice for you from a buyer: Be as professional as possible because the one thing that I can't stand is Ebay sellers who can't type, can't describe things, can't take pictures, and can't resolve issues without namecalling. Like when seller gets a negative and the replies something like "THIS BUYER SUCKS! RETARD! IDIOT! I'M NOT A SCAMMER!" thats like the biggest turn off for me, so even if you ever do get a negative for any reason, don't retort like that!

    Good luck with your selling though!
  5. You know, I've had GREAT transactions from ebay- being both a buyer and a seller. Knocks on wood.... I mean, I've had 3 NPB very recently, but in the overall scheme of things, yeah things have been good on ebay.

    Just a little hint:
    Make sure you charge right on shipping! That was my biggest mistake the first time I ever sold something on ebay. I sold an old schoolbook, and only charged 10 for shipping... turns out it was actually $30! :nuts: You could actually very easily lose money by not doing the shipping charges acturately.
  6. And i've heard of bonanzle... but I'm not sure if it gets the same kind of traffic as ebay??
  7. It's free to list on there,and there are a lot of tpf members on Bonanzle. Try it out concurrently with ebay. I am always glad to sell on Bonanzle because my cost is much lower.
  8. As much as I would love to say that Bonanzle will be the next eBay, it isn't yet. I have sold 4 items in 6 months.

    Lots of questions, but few sales.
  9. I think that you have to have your own experience on both..

    what works for you may not work for someone else and vice versa

    This may not be the best time as selling is slower than expected, but what the

    heck.. go for it you may be pleasantly surprised!!
  10. Thanks Nikki Choo =))
    I never knew what buyer's season is, maybe another seller could tell me if they know =)
    I will try to be as professional as possible when i get into the selling ground, i just keep hearing how bads the fees are, it scares me T.T
  11. Thanks for the excellent information. Sorry for my internet lingo ignorance, what does NPB mean?

    O no, the shipping does sound like to it could bite you at your tail :nuts:
    Do you as a seller, require insurance, tracking, and signature confirmation? If so, do you include that in the cost of shipping or charge them separate?

    Thanks for your expertise!
  12. I know that Bonanzle is up and coming and that there fees are quite low. But being a new site, im sure it lacks in traffic when compared to ebay =(
  13. Thanks =)
    I have heard that when you try to contact customer service it is much better with those at bonanzle v.s. ebay. Do you still use paypall to handle transactions with bonanzle?
  14. Wow that doesn't sound like great traffic =( What brands were you trying to sell?

    Do you still use ebay?

  15. Thanks =)
    I am excited to get started selling, but my birthday isn't until september =(
    Are you a user of both ebay and bonanzle?