Ebay Strikes for NPB question

  1. how many strikes do you get before your account is suspended, and can it be reinstated with time, or do you have to fight it?:confused1:
  2. Three strikes. This means that the sellers have had to actually file for their final value fees and get them refunded thru eBay. Don't know if you can fight it.
  3. I believe it's 3 strikes that are allowed...and you can fight it, but only if it's worth doing so.:yes:

    If you've done something seriously wrong, like rip off lots of sellers, then there's no hope! lol

    They review each individual case on it's own merits, whilst adhering to some basic guidelines.:yes:
  4. ah, i see. thanks. i will try to appeal this, because i don't want to lose my feedback and good account, and I didn't know i had 3 strikes, but i must ! i though i had one (it was fake, didn't know until afterward, i stand by my decision not to pay) and this sale gone bad. (lost my job can't pay for the piece!) what the heck is my 3rd?
  5. Go to your dispute console on eBay and see what the other strike is for.

  6. Oh dear!:sad:

    As print*model says, go to your dispute console. There will be a list of all your recent disputes.

    When you received the strikes, you should have got messages through your email and through your 'My messages' section to let you know that a dispute had been opened. Is it possible you might have overlooked these...?

    I had a strike once that was given to me by mistake. I contested it (through the dispute console) and it was removed.

    You can dispute a strike once it's been given.
    BUT - You only have a certain amount of time to respond through the dispute console, then it's taken out of your hands by eBay - and then you'll have to go to them direct.

    The fake bag - i hope you didn't take that one lying down! You don't deserve a strike for that.
    The person who sold it to you should be reported for selling fakes, if anything.

    As for the one where you couldn't pay, there's not really much you can do about that one, i'm afraid.

    Though, if i were the seller, i have to admit, i would perhaps be a little more sympathetic and patient to someone who had just lost their job - maybe work out a payment plan or something.

    Anyway - Sorry for waffling...lol:shame: :nuts:
  7. click on your feedback #. . . it's all there!:yes:
  8. If you don't have a lot of feedback (under, say, 30) and/or your account hasn't been registered long, it's not worth the time. Sign up a new account and roll on. It's not against the T&Cs (that I know of) and even if it is, they can't keep up with the actual criminals, so it's very unlikely they'll go after you for wanting to be a legitimate buyer.

    Watch your Email/check your messages this time 'round! Don't feel bad though, I had the same thing happen to me. I appealed to get two unpaid item strikes removed. If you've been around a while they will likely do so as a courtesy so long as you explain the circumstances behind why you didn't complete each transaction and why you didn't respond to the unpaid item disputes.