Ebay strikes again............................

  1. eBay took down my listing today for my LV grey patchwork denim Speedy.
    They didn't even have the manners to email me to say it was down or why it had been taken down! :cursing:

    A bidder who had been emailing me to negotiate a Buy it now emailed to say she got an email to say it had been taken down because it had been "incorrectly listed" & that as the seller was free to relist she could bid on the relisted item!
    I am of course afraid to relist as they haven't told me anything & they could close my account!

    I still have not had any email from eBay! This is so disgraceful & I am so mad!

    There was absolutely nothing incorrect about the listing!

    eBay just gets worse!!

    I had an item bought last week by a hijacked account & they won't even reply to me to give me back my fees!:cursing:

    When are they going to get their act together!
  2. Ebay is so frustrating!!! Get them on a Live chat!! I even got them on the phone once I was so mad at them!
  3. ^^^^

    I have emailed my account manager hoping she will have a very good explanation for me tomorrow!
  4. ha- those greedy bastards don't care about us as long as they get their cut. I HATE EBAY
  5. It is just so frustrating, they can ruin a sellers reputation by doing this. Immediately I see an auction taken down I presume that the bag was a fake, I am sure many people do the same! I am spitting fire right now!
  6. i don't think ebay does it's homework. they probably took your listing down because someone reported you. They will take it down regardless if it was authentic or not. It could be that a competitor reported you. They don't care. They're scared ****less because of all lawsuits against them by designers.
  7. ^^^^^^^
    Yea I thought that might be it a competitor, silly people probably seller of fakes that did it!
    It would fit them better they would take down the real fakes. Stupid people pretending to clean up their site, the Fendi, Prada, LV, Chloe fakes on there would make your hair stand on end!
    I don't know how many bloody times I have emailed then to say that Chloe never made a pink Paddington!!!!! OHHHHHHHH it makes me so mad!!!!!
  8. yes e bay u.k are just getting worse and worse, I AM JUST SO MAD i had all my listingS taken down twice in the last week, first time site interference policy, so when i eventually got to the bottom of it they said there was an HTML error in my template. Ok i had paid to have the template made specially for me, so know notheing whatsoever about HTML or designing. I go and buy another template list again and guess what.....yes all my listings taken down yet again for HTM error in template now this was a different designer i purchased this one from , so now i am just so mad having spent hours relisting. I have spent hours with e bay now to try and find out exactly what is wrong with the HTML and find it it is because it has right click disable. Ok fine i get back to the designer and tell her this and she is amazed because she has designed thousands of templates for e bay with no problem, anyway she agrees to remove the right click disable for me, so now anyone can no STEAL my template and photos from my listings, CRAZY for what. am just so exasperated with it all ebay is no fun anymore and really is not worth all the hassle., when i consider what they should be doing is removing all the fake sellers and fraudsters, they just prey on innocent members.

    rant over
  9. Oh Roz, not again - I'm so sorry. Is your account manager a decent manager i.e. will she/he intervene quickly to sort this nonsense out? I really hope so.
  10. Welcome to EBAY! Its only going to get worse. They are TOO BIG and TOO understaffed to do the job. Period.
  11. Well I got an answer today at least that is something!
    My account manager is good Miss Sooky, she called me.
    It was because I had given the option of paying by Western Union ebay don't allow that anymore. It was my own fault really then as I already knew that but used an old template & didn't check my payment instructions.
    I just wish they would make it clear to bidders why they cancelled the listing.
    I was actually quite lucky as there were a few in my shop that were older items & they didn't take those down also. She gave me the opportunity to revise them.
    The annoying thing when an auction is taken down the whole listing disappears & you have to start from scratch!
    Sorry you had trouble also Scottie!
  12. I'm sorry that happen to you. Just wonder if you'll be able to call the cs and speak directly? I agree, eBay makes us frust
  13. It's ok now LVgodiva see post above yours, thanks
  14. Well I am glad that you got your answer!
  15. They're not THAT scared just negligent!! I report at least 65 counterfeit handbags a day and when I go to the ending listings I still see at least 50 selling to the end!! They just don't care! Until the lawsuits are filed and inforced ebay is going to get every penny they can in fees before the sh** hits the fan!