Ebay Stresses me out BUYERS REMORSE... Help!?

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  1. Sold a pair of Tod's which were basically new for barely 200$.

    I listed them and put on the title US10.5, UK9.5, EU43.5

    Here is the listing:

    The shoes arrived and the lady filed a claim saying the shoes were not as described because they were not 10.5 US as they are marked marked 9.5. I explained to her that Tod's marks the shoes in UK sizing, and that they are indeed 10.5US.

    I dont take returns and I honestly don't feel like I should because I listed the item accurately, and she is the one wanting to return for no reason. Im assuming buyers remorse.

  2. In your item specifics you clearly say the size is US shoe size (mens) 10.5

    It looks like she didn't read the listing/description..

    I'd fight this...

  3. The thing is, she says she WANTS a 10.5US but that she received a 9.5US, failing to acknowledge that Tods marks their shoes in UK. Meaning
    That the 9.5 on the shoe translates to 10.5US. But she doesnt believe it, she says its a 9.5US. Ughhhh
  4. Shoe sizing and conversion is an inexact science at best. The listing did not specify that the shoes were marked 9.5. It is understandable that the buyer was expecting a pair of shoes marked 10.5.

    I would take the shoes back and when you relist provide more information about the sizing in the description. Specify the size that is marked on the box with a photo, perhaps attach a Tod's conversion chart to the listing and provide the measurements of the shoes.
  5. The listing did not specify that they were marked 10.5 either.

    What if someone who is used to the european measuring system receives and then decides to complaint because although they are his size, they are not marked "43".

    And so what if she was expecting a shoe marked 10.5? She said on her case she expected a 10.5US, and received a 9.5US, which is untrue, the shoes are 9.5UK = 10.5Us

    Her claim that the item was not as described is false at best.
  6. And in case you re-list them, do not list them as new. Worn once is not new.

  7. You are absolutely right. My mistake on that end.
  8. From the listing:
    Item specifics: Condition: New with box: A brand-new, unused, and unworn item (including handmade items) in the original packaging
    Your own description: Got them as a gift and wore them once before realizing they are half a size too big for me!

    Without even taking the size controversy into account, ^^^^^ the above is a legitimate case that the buyer has to file and win a SNAD dispute.

    As seen in ebay's very specific description of what "new" means, the fact that you wore them makes the shoes "pre-owned."

    I sell and have sold a lot of shoes and I always include pictures of the markings from the soles, the inside of the shoes and the box so there is no question in the buyer's mind what they are buying and how the shoes are labeled and sized.

    Take them back and apologize to the buyer for the confusion. When you relist, sell them honestly as pre-owned and include pictures showing all markings, sizing, labeling, etc. and include a picture of the sizing on the box.

    As an extra suggestion, also describe that the shoes are sized in EU sizing and marked as 9.5 and that it usually converts to US 10.5.

    In this case, I think your buyer has a legitimate case since your description and lack of pictures showing sizing weren't clear as to EU or US.
  9. Like I commented to the poster above you, I agree that was a mistake on my end.

    What I find frustrating is that the buyer has not even mentioned the condition of shoes - they really look brand new - but is fixated on saying that the shoes are not 10.5US, which they are.

    Thanks for your input, greatly appreciated.

  10. And I have to disagree with that lat paragraph as the listing although did not mention how they were marked, detailed the sizing in US, UK and EU.

    What the shoes are marked is irrelevant as she expected a 10.5Us and thats what she got.

  11. Although we expect buyers to know what they're getting, I don't think it's unreasonable for a buyer to be shocked after buying shoes described as 10.5 and receiving shoes marked as 9.5.

    I'm not familiar with Tod's shoes and wouldn't know how they're sized. If the markings on the shoes don't show as "EU 9.5," how do I know they're really US 10.5?

    (As an example, I'm familiar with Uggs and when I sell them, I show pictures of the size tag and box sizing. On Uggs, their labels and boxes clearly show US, EU, Japan, and UK sizing so a buyer knows exactly how the Uggs size conversion goes.)

    But if there's nothing to indicate the sizing, a buyer may not know that it's EU. You need to spell out that they "labeled as 9.5 which is European sizing. That converts to 10.5 in US sizing."

    Had you done that, I don't think the buyer would have been as confused.

  12. The shoes were described as US 10.5, but they were also described as 9.5 UK and EU 43. So she cant be shocked as them being 9.5, especially since the shoes are foreign and made in Europe as stated on the listing. Is not like it came out of the blue,

    She also has npthing to be confused over, im positive that they did not even try them on as they are the exact same size she requested.
  13. Fight it! And be more specific in your listing ...... I put in my post all the time no returns for buyers remorse what so ever so if you have a question feel free to ask and be sure before biding .. Because people are crazy
  14. I think that in this case the listing is under-described, and I would just take the return. You do state sizes in your listing title, but in the description box the size states 10.5, and then there's no further description in the listing itself. I agree that it's 100% the buyer's responsibility to know what they're bidding on, but they also have to have enough information to be able to do that.

    When you relist, I would only list the size that's on the shoe itself (whether it's EU, UK, or US), and then include an image of the conversion chart from the Tod's website.
  15. +1! OP, although I know that you're only trying to be helpful in converting the sizing for potential buyers, it is really the buyer's responsibility to know their own sizing in the brand and style they're looking for.

    As IrisCole said, when you relist, only list the actual size that's on the shoe itself in the item specifics and description. Only if a potential buyer sends you a message asking about fit, would you ever give your own personal honest opinion on sizing (and even then, with a disclaimer that it's only your personal opinion and they ought to try on the shoes at a store first, if they feel unsure about sizing). :smile: