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  1. How do eBay stores get a hold of so many purses to sell out? (Power Sellers, etc).
  2. 99% of them are fake
  3. I don't know since I don't buy Gucci bags from eBay. Sorry no help here.

    I did just purchased a Peggy Large Shoulder Bag from Santana Row last month and a couple of my friends also did too. If you are needing help with authenticate this bag, I can help. Feel free to PM me. :smile:
  4. most of them are fake, so if you're unsure about an item then just buy it straight from the boutique. at least then you won't have doubts.
  5. Some powersellers buy them from the outlets, and some of them simply shop a lot and sell their own closets. Also, there are more and more online consignment shops, so they get tons of designer goodies. Tabbi's right; most of them are fake, but there are a good number of authentic Gucci sellers online. I've bought some authentic keychains, key holders, wallets, agendas, scarves, shoes, and purses online, and I've also had good luck selling my Guccis on eBay too. You just need to be VERY very careful