Ebay Store Suspension??

  1. From what I've read, it seems like a fair amount of us have had a listing removed from eBay for trademark infringement. Some even suspended. I'm curious if anybody knows a fellow ebayer that has had listings pulled, or has had a suspension that has an eBay store?

    Some of those stores have hundreds of listings, do they loose all of those? :confused1: I've seen a few that IMO are not selling authentic items, yet still keep selling.

    I'm curious because I was thinking about doing an eBay store, but with how nuts ebay is lately, I'm hesitant! Would love to know how they handle the ebay stores, because by suspending them ebay looses big $$$. Any thoughts?
  2. I have sold many designer items on ebay without a problem but for some reason when I tried to sell a return to tiffany bracelet that i had bought from tiffany the took it down and said i was selling something fake. I was very annoyed to say the least....
  3. yes eBay is cracking down on fakes but in sweeping out the bad stuff, they inadvertantly sweep out the good as well. I suppose if you really want to sell your authentic designer stuff on eBay, you'll have to take your chances like all the other sellers and keep your fingers crossed. Good luck!
  4. Ebay should concentrate more on sweeping out the bad there are still so many fakes on there