ebay sponsored link to LV replica site??!!

  1. I was searching on eBay and this was on the middle the eBay search page:

    Sponsored Links
    Louis Vuitton Designer Knockoffs
    Louis Vuitton replicas at discount prices. Super quality Louis Vuitton replica wallets, handbags, and luggage come with all of the exact details. No one will be able to tell it's a replica.

    Is there any way to complain to eBay? They post this and meanwhile cancel authentic auctions??!!
  2. This surprises me not at all.
  3. Not surprising, ebay will put anything on their site as long as they profit from it.
  4. The prices are nice for sure. Why can't the real thing cost the same? LOL, rhetorical question, I guess.
  5. now I got another reason to dislike ebay. they took down my auction for an authentic MC speedy and now you say they advertise fake goods. how [FONT=&quot]ridiculous, ebay SUCKS
  6. Yeah, eBay sucks and are hypocrites, the sun rises from the east, sets in the west, the sky is blue, what else is new? :p
  7. :wtf: :push: :cursing:
  8. Grrr....YUCK!
  9. ew. i REALLY dont like replicas. if you dont want to buy real, then buy something ORIGINAL. there are some TDF no name bags out there for 10 dollars or less.
  10. that's ebay for ya! :throwup:
  11. That is so tacky.
  12. I don't think anyone checks the sites as long as they get paid
  13. I've never noticed the ads, but I'll have to check them out in the future. I think Louis Vuitton should lay down another multimillion dollar lawsuit on eBay. The designers are all lining up and doing it, yet eBay promotes illegal items that put their customers in risk.
  14. I was posting on another thread and noticed an ad on The Purse Forum for "Louis Vuitton" and other "designer" bags for 75% off retail. Does The Purse Forum support replicas? :wtf:
  15. Sorry, but if they can't practice what they preach, then how can they be trusted?? This is just wrong.