ebay Spam?

  1. I'm currently selling several items and have been getting weird new messages. At first, I think these new messages are from potential buyers, but instead they are Spam messages from handbag suppliers...messages saying they have a large stock of Chloe, Prada, etc. bags and an email address to contact them. Has anyone ever received messages like this? :confused1:
  2. Yep that happens when you sell Chloe & LV.
  3. Yes, I get those too..I just delete them.
  4. I always received them. I report them to eBay first then delete, never answer.
  5. I heard people saying they receive those. Just report them to eBay, and delete them.
  6. They are a real nuisance! Just report and delete. It doesn't help though coz these spammers have thousands upon thousands of account and the spam will keep coming.
  7. Yep. I report every one to eBay then delete.