Ebay SP Notice - Have you received one of these?

  1. Two days ago I saw a birkin on ebay and sent a request for more specific pics via the 'ask the seller a question' option.

    I did not get a response from the seller, the bag is no longer listed, and I received an email from ebay, an SP Notice cautioning me about how some people use ebay accounts to get email addresses to make unsolicited offers. They also caution me about making transactions out of the ebay system and to contact them (ebay) if I have already sent the item or payment.

  2. No, but once I received an email from them regarding an item that I had bid on to let me know that the item was no longer available because it was a fake! They wanted to know if I had sent money etc. I thought it odd in that I had been outbid on it anyway. Made me feel real confident in their policing:sad:
  3. Yes I have received emails like this several times. I don't know what triggers them.
  4. OMG! Those Sp alerts are a pain in the ass! Not only do I get messages from those scammers selling fake, bags, watches, shoes, etc, I then have ebay sending me alerts about each and every one. Ebay should rethink the alerts and actually do something about the sellers selling fake anything.
  5. could it be my birkin? jz asking. my ebay id is 'facialtissuesoftness'