eBay solution? Pass it forward...sort of

  1. Many of you read that my brother was selling his authentic LV wallet and had his auction cancelled. He has been on a tear for 2 days now just reporting all the fakes he can find with the yellow "authenticity" cards and plastic tags hanging from the bags. I told him these are the two easiest ways to spot fakes. He has also recruited about a dozen other people to do the same. I was thinking that if each of us that can't resist the temptation of looking at eBay reports 10 items a day that we are sure are fake, just 30 of us will have gotten rid of 300 fakes! In the time it took me to smoke a cigarette, I reported about 30 with blank receipts, (those are the ones that I hate most) plastic circular hanging tags and yellow cards and envelopes with that orange sticker. What do you think? I figured since eBay won't do anything, why not?
  2. Good idea!
    How do you report thingy to ebay though? Is there a link on the item page???
    I'd love to join in this crusade!
  3. Well, I wish to join too but I'm not that good at spotting fakes... yet! :P Trying to learn more from this great forum though... But this is a great idea, save many people from being the victims who fork out hundreds for replicas. We could start from reporting all those fakes we saw from the post at the "Authenticate This" thread... ;)
  4. At the bottom of the auction is a space that says...What else can you do? Then it has "report this item". You click that, it takes you to another screen that gives you 3 steps. Step 1 is Counterfiets and copyright violations (2nd on list). You click that. Step 2 is Potential trademark infringement (1st on list). You click that Step 3 is Counterfiet handbags (1st on list), you click that, then continue. It will direct you to a page that enables you to Email customer support, you click the email us, the auction number is automatically put in and you hit send. You will get a message from eBay thanking you for your report and that they can't disclose any information on action taken, blah blah blah but they review the listing and make the decision to pull the listing.
  5. I always report fake bags, too. I'm not too good with LVs yet, though(so far, fake Bbags have kept me pretty busy. lol), but I'm learning a lot here.
  6. I report fakes, too. Usually only the ones that are blatantly fake and the seller is trying to make hundreds off it. I don't think it's fair for someone to spend $500 on an obviously fake purse because chances are, if they are spending that kind of money, they don't know it's fake. But if I see an auction with a fake purse that is selling for $20, I usually don't bother to report it because the seller isn't really trying to take advantage of people.
  7. This is such a great idea, I've never liked the canal street bootleg LV!
  8. ooh... great! i'll start doing it now, but maybe with balenciaga. i'm still learning spotting fakes LV :P
  9. i just reported 6 fakes balenciaga! it felt good :yahoo:
  10. Just reported my first LV wallet!
  11. thanks LVbabydoll
  12. This is a fantastic idea!
  13. its a gret idea! not sure that ebay will bother doing too much about it though, after all, they make money from the end of an auction, so it would be like halving their profits......

    We should def! all do it though! I do if I'm feeling narky!
  14. i just reported so many fake LV bags i lost count!! :yahoo: