ebay, so miserable.

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  1. this is not exactly a "purse" issue, but i have no idea how to get it out, i am/was so angry, furious actually

    it started when i sold my tiffany ring, which it was brand new, and i sold it for half the original price. All went well, until the buyer started to come with a message which was urging me to send it asap. It was a rough day at the office and i admit i was tired and frustrated. I wrote back saying that the item description has stated that the item will be shipped in 3 business days that payment has been received. And i asked her politely not to bombard me with her questions. To skip the hassle, i sent the ring the next day, so that i would get the buyer off my back.

    It was supposed to arrive the next day, it was express post and guranteed next day delivery. Alas, the buyer sent me another email a week later, saying that she still has not received her parcel yet. I gave her the tracking number and asked her to go check with her local post office and see whether it has arrived yet or not.

    Yesterday, she filed a paypal claim (Item not received), saying that she does not want to communicate with me anymore, and that she said that the post office people would not deal with her as she was not the person that was sending the thing. My first reaction: WHAT?! DID SHE EVEN CHECK WITH THE POST OFFICE?! by my own experience with ebay, if the item was not here, and i would ask the post office people, which they gave me answers that i wanted. It was obvious that she did not want to communicate with the post office people. Buyers remorse i assume? so that the ring could be sent back to me? I called paypal and i gave details about the shipping. If it is lost in the mail, there is no way that i could win the case. Seriously, why is paypal like that? I am just angry, that maybe she has claimed the ring? but wants a refund too? She might even file SNAD if she received it if its buyer remorse.

    Anyway, i told her that i would ask the post office of where the item is, and i said if it was lost i would give her a refund. She still has not gotten back to me yet. And i don't think she will. Sighs. i have no idea what to do.
  2. Hi so sorry your going thru this but did you send the ring with delivery or signature confirmation & insured ?
  3. OP, as soon as you have more info, let us know what's going on with this!
  4. Good luck OP, I've got my fingers crossed for you.
  5. it has delivery, but no confirmation, as she didn't want registered post, and i haven't had any problem with it till now :sad:

    So should i give her a refund or i should just wait until paypal reviews the claim? the post office is putting me on hold, and the tracking no. online indicates that the parcel was just processed in the facility and not going anywhere. The buyer is not willing to communicate with me either.
  6. Don't refund her yet. Let paypal call the shots and tell you what to do. If the tracking says it's being processed maybe you should wait a few more days? Good luck!!
  7. olialm1: i sent it on the 1st, and it has been saying it is being processed since the 2nd.:wacko:

    might just consider it lost? sighs.

    and paypal "assured" me: as the buyer did not receive the item, it will rule in her favor
    I was like: where is seller protection? i did send it, and i have receipts and etc.
    so frustrating
  8. If you insured it and sent with delivery signature confirmation and have an express tracking#, there should not be a problem. Keep us posted.
  9. As you already know, I am going through the same thing! I hope it works out for you! What's with all these people trying to scam others!
  10. if the buyer has not received it and there is no confirmation of the receipt, of course the buyer will get a refund. If it was lost in the mail then you'll be compensated thru insurance. Please tell me you did purchase insurance.
  11. its automatically covered up to $100 (thankfully)
  12. Have you entered the number into paypal's system as requested?

    If it shows delivered, you should be fine. I would consider it a big red flag if a buyer purchased a jewelry item but said they do not want registered mail.