Ebay sniper!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I know some of you are very much against snipers on eBay since it can be unfair, which I totally understand. I do, however, like to use this service for when I simply can't be at a computer when an item I have my eye on is ending. What other services are there other than esnipe.com? Are there any free ones? Are they safe? Any advice / tips / sites would be appreciated!
  2. I just found another thread with regards to this, sorry for posting then searching!

    However, I still have concerns with regards to the safety of my info, since you have to disclose your eBay ID and Password. How do I know if it's a safe thing to do?
  3. I once tried an eBay sniper service and was just paranoid the whole time!
    I ended up canceling and changing my password the same day.
    I just get really nervous having my info out there.
  4. Eliza, I use auctionsniper and it is very safe and a small charge. They need your password and username to place the bid on your behalf..
  5. I use biddingscheduler and it's free. So far so good.

    BUT I've been thinking... we all freely give our passwords to these sniper sights without second thought. Could this be how hijackers get people's password. All they have to do is set up one of these sites and then all these accounts to use as they please!
  6. I don't like auctionsniper because they charge you a fee and also passwords are not encrypted... not safe.
  7. I might give them a try leanbeanee.
  8. justsnipe.com is what I use, totally free and haven't had any security issues.

    Snipers are completely fair ;)
  9. same here. works every time, and i've never had any issues with this service. sometimes i win with my highest, sometimes i don't... but i love using it, so that i don't have to sit at my computer and wait till the last second to bid.

    and i agree w/ Swanky Mama, sniping is fair!
  10. I've never used one before and still prefer to do my own bidding for items I really want.
  11. I totally agree, and I use justsnipe.com, too. I am not allowed to access EBay from work, and bidding from work is a fireable offense (get caught one time and you are out, no questions asked). If an auction ends during working hours, my only recourse is sniping. But I don't think sniping is unfair in any way.

    With justsnipe.com you get five free snipes per week and unlimited snipes for $5 per month. I've used it for two years with no problems. I only lose if my snipe isn't high enough.
  12. ^^^ITA

    I use auction sniper and have had no problems with them.

    BYW.... for those that think it's unfair, just an FYI......ebay OWNS auctionsniper.com......................... :yes:
  13. Hello, snipers here bid with their personal account/ID so it's unnecessary for me to give them my ID & password.
    I think use sniper is fair as long as you pay what they won for you.
  14. goofbay.com has a free auction sniper - I don't see the issue with snipers - I don't really understand how they are unfair? if I sit there till the last second and enter a really high amount 10 sec bef finish is that unfair as well? I think some people may think of days long gone when they complain about snipers..... (sorry, got off topic...)
  15. I think sniping is great for when you can't be there, I am not allowed on the computer at work, or if I have something to do with my kids. LOVE IT