eBay sided seller who never shipped my item

  1. I would just keep calling eBay and asking to speak with supervisors until you get some assistance. What the seller is saying doesn't make any sense - why would she lose out on her sale?

    Let's just imagine that she did actually send the bag, and customs did actually flag it - what did they flag it for?? Devaluing it? She might get fined, and you might get charged a higher duty, BUT if she participated in devaluing the bag, why would eBay side with her if you both committed the fraud?

    ETA: AND if she knows they flagged, where's the tracking information or documentation showing that? Surely if she provided it, eBay would have it as part of the claim, no?
  2. ^I agree to a certain extent. Whatever wrongs that were done, it doesn't mean that OP should not receive her bag or at least her money back. There may or may not be a fine for under-declaring, but it doesn't make not receiving the back right at all. I see no harm in asking for help in this regard - OP should receive her bag or payment back.
  3. She didn't lose out on anything; you lost your money and the bag. I do agree that since she sent it valued at less than cost, you are both in this together. I really hope this turns up for you OP.
  5. Good luck OP getting this all sorted out. While it may have been wrong to ask to have you purchase undervalued that is not a justification to scam someone out of their money. These are two totally different issues. She should either have her money refunded or receive her bag (even if it came with custom fees).
  6. I called them a couple of times and they denied my appeal today. I tried explaining to them on how she agreed to lower the value so she took on half of the responsibility but they wouldn't have it. They wouldn't even help me get the "tracking number" and I tried to explain to them, how would she know if the package is flagged if she doesn't have tracking but the rep just told me to have a good day and pretty much hung up on me. Excellent customer service huh?

    I would like to see the glass as half full but at this point, it seems like the seller drank half of it and is claiming that the glass is still pouring with water...

    I still haven't heard from the seller and I think I have a higher chance winning the lottery than to hear back from her so I'm sure I'm SOL.
  7. The odds are not in my favour today. I hope this turns up too. Thank you!

    Thank you. I think eBay is overseeing the whole fact that she can't even provide a tracking number :nogood:

    I am sure if the bag is held up in customs, I would have gotten some sort of letter asking for proof regarding the value of the bag no? At this point, I don't know what to think. I just really hope that the bag is stuck in customs and if it's sent back to her, I just pray that she has some decency and refund me because I'm out of my $$$ and my bag :cry:
  8. Have you contacted Canadian customs to see if they have / had a package for you / from the seller? If they flagged it, they'd surely have a record of it.
  9. Wow I'm really surprised at ebay.

    OP, I live in Canada too, do yourself a favour and don't have things shipped via any courier (UPS, fedex, dhl etc). They're brokerage fees are highway robbery, and should be avoided at all costs. If you absolutely must use them, use an express service, it prepays the brokerage for you. The extra couple dollars is well worth it.

    I find however, that when i buy fron the states and I have things shipped usps, I rarely, very rarely get hit with taxes and duties, and I always ask the seller to put the price I paid, minus shipping, and state that its a used handbag. Once a seller under declared value (unbeknownst to me), and didnt state the bag was preloved, and I had to pay the taxes on what they valued the bag to be brand new (and they valued it $360 more than it was retail!).

    Sorry for rambling, but this I find works well for me, and I rarely pay taxes :smile: lol

    I hope this gets resolved somehow, your seller seems shady :sad:
  10. No, I think they are impossible to reach but from what the seller told eBay and myself, the package is flagged in the US customs :rolleyes:

    Hi Chickibummi! No worries! Ramble all you want, I get you. The seller shipped with USPS and sometimes when I shop online, it's a turn off when I find out that sellers only ship with FedEx, UPS, etc. because like you said, by the time it gets to us, they pretty much ask you for your kidney.

    Wow, sorry to hear that. I would rather pay excessive customs at this point, even if they decide to value it higher than retail rather than losing out on my money and my bag. I am definitely thinking twice about shopping for expensive goods on eBay now!
  11. As someone else mentioned, packages leaving the US don't go through US customs. The leave the US from a sort facility, go to a sort facility in the destination country, and then go to that country's customs.

    You could try calling her bluff - tell her that you want to double check that her name and address information is correct because the US customs office needs the information to begin an investigation into where the package is.

  12. I'm not completely familiar with taxes .. the few packages I've had come in from the US to Canada haven't gotten more than 30$, but I do agree, I've heard of it being more than half the value of the item itself :S which is completely ridiculous ..

    I'd call customs too if I were you .. I'm not sure how you would explain under-declaring, but it'd help to see if it was there at all. At best they'd just make you pay regular taxes? GOOD LUCK !!
  13. I hope you get your package...you deserve either a refund or the package. I am finding it a little strange that you continually ask for a tracking number and the seller keeps dodging the issue. If she sent the item without tracking, she should at least have a customs number. If the bag is being held in customs, having this info would be helpful, I don’t see why she would with hold that from you.

    I know you said you did a bank transfer…maybe you could call your bank and ask if there are any protections in place for you. You have nothing to lose in asking.

    The next step may be to call customs and give them the info you have, sellers address/your address/general size of package etc…and see if something is being held.
  14. I hate to say it, but I think you may be out of luck.

    I know it's like this in the US, and I imagine that it is in Canada too, the legal system will NOT help you in any way when there is illegal activity involved.

    Now, I know that what you did was much more innocent, but as an example, I'll use drugs..lol.

    If you pay someone $1000 for a bag of drugs, and they don't give you the drugs, you can't call the police and ask them to help you to get your money back. Because the activity was illegal, they will not get involved.

    I imagine that ebay is doing the same thing. If you request that someone do something illegal in your sale, you can't expect ebay to help you to get your money back.

    I wonder if sellers are on to this and using it to scam? Like, if someone asks them to lie on a customs form they know that they can keep your money and the bag and ebay won't do anything about it?

    I would just let it go...count you losses, don't do it again, and consider it a lesson learned. :sad:
  15. I'm new to the idea of selling stuff out of my closet. And it scares me.
    I thought transactions could only be done on ebay by paypal?
    Sorry if this is a dumb question.

    I hear you about the custom fees. We used to sell our products in Canada.
    Then UPS bought Global Mail & screwed everything up by jacking up the rates big time.