eBay Shuts Trust & Safety Board after Credit Card Numbers Exposed

  1. eBay shut down an entire discussion board devoted to Trust & Safety issues after someone began posting confidential user information. Someone using multiple User IDs began listing information purported to be eBay users' private and financial data on the Trust & Safety discussion board. Mark, a user who says he posts regularly on the board, said he noticed the problem at 8:50 am Eastern on Tuesday and called his eBay representative about 20 minutes later after he saw the posts remained. He said it took about an hour for the posts to be removed, and minutes later, the entire board was taken down.

    rest of story here:

  2. Yes, I logged in at the tail end of it. It was very scary. & remember, the hacker still has everyone elses information, even if it wasn't posted on the T&S thread for anyone else to steal.
  3. what on earth could their excuse possibly be for taking an hour to shut down the board?
  4. I don't know, we usually move faster than that here and it's never a security issue!
  5. Wow.... It's sad, but this doesn't surprise me. Oh how I wish there were a good eBay alternative. So shady. :tdown:
  6. Ugh!

    Ebay is absolutely absurd.
  7. I don't understand- did he just hack into peoples account who post of the T&S board?
  8. Oh geez...I wonder how long it'll take to find out if your info was some of what was posted..
  9. That's scary.
  10. OMG..so scary..now everyone with an e-bay account is on pins and needles...hoping that their personal information has not been and will not be compromised in the future from this hacking..
  11. Absolutely scary - how are people to know whose accounts have been posted and hacked
  12. not the first time its happened...
  13. Thanks for the heads up. Issues this this are why I hate giving any of my information to Ebay.
  14. I don't think ebay was hacked, I think the info was gotten by phishing emails and posted to cause a panic on ebays safety.
  15. ugh -- i got an e-mail from them yesterday saying someone may have gotten my id and contact information, so i guess i must have been on that list.

    except i know i never responded to a phishing e-mail -- i always open a new browser rather than click through for my ebay messages.