Ebay shut down my listing!

  1. I am an eBay powerseller (100% + FB) who sells almost entirely designer bags (throw in some shoes occasionally). I had a handbag listed as a 10day auction and after 3 days eBay suspended the listing! The email I received stated that I referenced eluxury.com which is not allowed. I was selling an upscale handbag and encouraged people to visit that site to see more details on the bag.

    Who knew that was a violation?

    More importantly, I am very worried that potential eBay buyers think I had some kind of fraudulent listing. Ebay said in their email that they emailed everyone who had bid saying that the auction was cancelled. I am so mortified!

    I just relisted tonight after removing all websites from the listing and am crossing my fingers that this time it won't get cancelled. I have never ever had a listing cancelled before so I was so taken aback!

    My biggest fear is that people will no longer trust me. Even though people were actually writing questions to me thanking me for my honesty in selling authentic handbags (which of course I am!).

    In my current listing I put a little blurb saying the truth, that ebay cancelled the prior listing because I referenced a website, and now I have edited it. I felt I needed to have an explanation there because 47 or so people were watching the auction and there were at least 7 bidders, so it's likely people would have noticed I relisted.

    Do you think anyone will bid on my item now? I am so worried because ebay made me seem so sketchy!
  2. Hello Bagsaremylife!, I'm sorry that happened to you. I guess there's anyone should has reported you to eBay, sorry...

    If you've nice feedbacks and explained the reason eBay suspended you, then I see no reason why ppl should not trust you and not to bid your auctions :smile: don't worry, Bagsaremylife!.
  3. Yeah, you're not allowed to mention other websites in your listing, I used a stock photo from a website once, and even that's not allowed :sad: I think you're allowed to copy/paste what they say though, just don't reference them :smile: Good Luck! Oh maybe say that's why your listing was shut down too, because you mentioned a website :smile:
  4. yeah, i think a small explanation will be fine, it wouldn't bother me if i was one of the watchers or bidders and saw that you had put that as the reason it was taken down
  5. ^^ I agree - it wouldn't bother me at all. I am surprised at the reason though given for removing your listing. I sold an LV bag that I bought online from Eluxury a week or so ago. In my listing I explained that I had bought the bag from Eluxury last year etc etc. It sold quickly at BIN, but no one told me that I was wrong to mention having bought it from Eluxury in the advertisement. Maybe I was very lucky - so sorry you weren't.
  6. Your mentioning eluxury was ok because it wasn't a link, the poster had a link to the eluxury website.
  7. Ebay did this to one of my friends who was selling tattoo equipment. He owns the company and mentioned it, but ebay told him not to do this because it would entice bidders to buy through the shop rather than ebay.
  8. Most people that buy high end handbags on ebay know how hard it is to be the seller. I'm sure no one is going to think negative of you. IMO you handled it properly by explaining why the auction was canceled. I would still buy from you with no question.
  9. Ebay's been removing authentic goods left right and center. I know they're getting rid of the fakes this way too but it's just getting crazy. A lot of people know it is happening. They will still buy from you. Good luck!
  10. i had ebay close down some of my auctions i made refernce to net-a-porter, i didnt know this a problem, explains a lot
  11. actually, you can't mention eluxury either, it's considered KWS - Keyword Spamming.
    Unless it's actually eluxury brand, you can't say it.

    I was removed once for saying I bought the item new at NM. . . they told me I cannot say NM unless NM was the brand name. This was a LONG time ago too, so they're only getting tighter and tighter about it now, but it's not a new rule.
    I agree, the bidders understand, they/we know that auctions get pulled even if the Seller isn't truly fraudulant.
  12. Argh, I'm going to go through the copyright tutorial again. I remember the no web site link issue, but I don't remember that I couldn't even state WHERE I purchased my handbag from.

    Is it that you just can't put the store or website name in the sell title?
  13. Actually, the main issue with mentioning eluxury is they are a website off eBay that sells goods that you could buy on eBay. That is a no-no for mentioning ANY website that does sales. i can't even mention coach.com. After talking with the eBay people, I put all links to coach, this forum, and the ebay Purse forum in my ME page and in the listing I encourage people to read my ME page for good information on how to authenticate designer goods.