Ebay should hire an authenticator

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  1. This was just a thought that came to my mind. Maybe eBay should hire some people who are good with authenticating designer items to review listings before they are posted. I feel like this would bring down the amount of fakes on eBay a lot. I understand that even some very good fakes could still pass through, but not the obvious ones. I mean, I search eBay for Coach, Gucci, and LV items sometimes when I have the free time, and already, I see a handful of VERY OBVIOUS fakes. The ones that I can tell are fake just from the main listing picture. What do you guys think? (hope this didn't all sound stupid)
  2. I thought that was the point of having longer wait times til listings appear in Ebay searches... but apparently that's a myth. It'd be nice if the VERO folks took a look at items listed in their categories.
  3. Yeah i agreed too! sometiems i just cant stand the sight of those obvious fakes. and many people/buyers fall for that!
  4. Strongly agree :yes:
  5. Hey I suggested they hire members from the purse forum!
    There are many members here who can do a much better job than the Ebay employees can.
    I even sent them several emails about it.

    They responded by ...........
    Your basic Ebay form letter w/ the link...........

    Basically saying. "Thanks for your suggestion, but Ebay doesn't accept suggestions"

    Go figure.
  6. I think its a great idea...
    what do they mean they don't accept suggestions
  7. If they took down all the fakes then it's less profit for them.
  8. eBay is so arrogant! I wonder if someone can talk Google into setting up an auction site. I bet eBay will feel threatened and improve their customer service.
  9. Agree... maybe they have one. But dont forget. ebay makes their $$ from listing fee and final value. So the MORE the better for them. They dont really get hurt if someone got a fake bag. Isn't it?

    Yes, I think if there is some sort of competition, this situation can be fixed or at lease improved. There are few alternative there. But just not as advertised.

    I think it would be great if there is a auction place just among us. And set up some requirement for people that is allowed to listed. Plus, there will be LOTS of authenticator on the forum. That way, if you list a fake one.. you are gone from selling here for good..

    What do you all think about this idea?
  10. I've thought about this too. I think girls from the purse forum would be a wonderful idea!
  11. I would love to see a new site pop up and kill eBay off. There are just so many things wrong with their customer service, I don't even know where to begin. Just imagine the amount of calls they would have if they actually had a number to call and complain. I use to spend a lot of time reporting fakes, while watching them remain intact. I have reported obvious shilling, and still nothing. I am sure some day eBay will face some competition! Let's just hope!!!!!!!!!!
  12. If enough people like the idea (plus the forum owners agree), maybe we can really make this work. Then we just need to find someone making the platform. I know a couple guys that may be able to do that...
  13. i would love it if we could auction/trade through TPF. I know there is a selling/buying section, but not everyone is able to access it. Also, i would definitely trust the girls on here rather than people who are just trying to make a buck on EBAY with their hideous fakes that people actually bid on!
  14. If the Purse Forum started an auction site I think the scum who sell the fakes would wander over here and clog it!

  15. I guess one way to prevent this is to make sure we have requirement for the photo posted. For example, a chole paddington should have pictures of the buttom of the lock, heatstamps, serial code tag inside the bag, the hardware, and the detail of the leather.

    Then we can structure it in a way where the experts in the "authentic this" forums can post their opinion on the listing.

    Further, if a seller is get caught selling fakes, he/she is banned from the forum for good.

    I think this may work, what do you all think?