Ebay should end doing 3 day listing

  1. I wondered if anyone agrees with me that Ebay should end all 3 day listing. Do you not think this would stop some fake bags being listed. Why anyone would list for only 3 days anyway if your item is not a fake, I do not know. This would at least give Ebay time to remove Fake listing. 95% of these fake bags are from people who list for 3 days some only list for 1 day...
  2. When I was selling my real kate spade, coach and dooney and bourke I did a 3 day listing. Why? Because I just wanted to hurry up and sell them- oh, I could see why a counterfeiter might be thinking what I am thinking. Makes sense!
  3. three day 1-days listing are sometimes essential for time-sensitive productsd such as concert tickets or similar.
  4. I wouldn't be too quick to generalize about 3 day listings. Although I haven't used them, some sellers like to extend the auction to longer only if there are no bids after 3 days. The reality is, most listings get lost in the middle--it's at the beginning and end that most of the viewing traffic occurs. I do agree that one-day listings on items like handbags ARE generally suspicious.
  5. I was selling a new just out bag once, and somebody had listed for the regular 7 days, I knew that if I listed mine on a 3 day listing I would get more bids as people are desperate for hard to find items :graucho: .

    There are lots and lots of reasons for using a 3 day auction. You have to take each auction on its own merit. If somebody has great feedback you cannot presume it to be strange if they choose a 3 day listing :s
  6. You have made good points some of which I had not thought of. I was just thinking of ways that fake items could be stop. A lot of the fake bags are listed for one day or 3. This is so that the auction can end before ebay has time to remove it. I do get your point that if someone does want to sell quickly then they would use 3 days and yes items do sometimes get lost in 10 day listings but I just feel so sorry for these people that are bidding on these fake bags. For some reason people think that as its ebay they can get an authentic Fendi Spy or a Dior Gaucho for below $500. If you look at say Fendi spy bags nearly all the really cheap ones are 3 day listing or 1 and scream fake (unless of course they have a reserve).
  7. I always do 3 day listings.. list on a Thursday so the 3 days are over the weekend. When the auction ends on Sunday, you will have more people bidding as well. If I have no bids or few watchers, I will usually extend the auction another 2 days.