Ebay shipping: what is reasonable?

  1. I ordered something on Monday, January, 29. I've been expecting to receive it any day for the last few days. I got an email today, saying it has been processed to be shipped. :wtf
    They said, "If you leave neg. feedback due to shipping time, we will reciprocate." If it goes out tomorrow, that's 10 days to be shipped, with no advance notice or anything.

    The auction says:
    Seller's payment instructions

    This is a power seller with over 52,000 transactions.

    Would you be pissed if it took more than 10 days to even take the item to the post office? If I had known it would have taken so long, I would have paid the few extra dollars and gone to the store to buy the item.

    I don't want to leave neg. feedback and get neg. left in return. Last time I left neutral for an item not as described that the seller wouldn't take back as a return, she left neg. for me retaliation.
  2. Did you pay by paypal? In order to have 'seller protection' on paypal, a seller has to ship within 7 days. Clearly they haven't done this, so if anything goes wrong with the purchase and you put in a paypal claim, they won't have a leg to stand on.

    How long does it say in their auction that they ship? In my terms I say that I will ship within 2 business days, which I think buyers appreciate. I am a power seller, but not at that level - I think at that point eBay becomes less personal and more of a 'factory', making it harder to stay customer focused.

    I expect things to take a while on eBay, but I have to admit that I would be annoyed with 10 days. Not sure if I would do anything about it (I too, wouldn't want a retaliatory neg), but I would definintely be annoyed.

    I hope the rest of your transaction is smooth. If they have 52000 feedbacks, you could always give them a postive with something like 'took much longer to ship than I thought' in the feedback - they probably won't even notice, but you'd feel better.
  3. Yeah, I paid by paypal. I didn't know about the 7 day shipping thing!
    I was considering leaving a positive but commenting about shipping, too. Thanks for the advice!
  4. You might also want to read the link below. By threatening to leave you a negative, they seem to be violating eBay policies.

    Feedback in Seller Terms and Conditions
  5. You have every right to be annoyed. It wouldn't be so bad if they said they were sorry for the shipping delay, etc. However, to just say if you leave them a negative they'll reciprocate is totally out of line. I would absolutely report them & let ebay deal with them.
    Good luck!
  6. i would at least report them to ebay, they have 7 days to ship. and that "warning" is basically fb extortion. they know they ship late and they know people will want to neg so they threaten to neg back so you won't. i would report it to ebay and then i would call ebay and say "i can email you their comment. if i neg them can you have it removed since it's fb extortion?" i don't know what they will say but it would not hurt to ask.
  7. This is feedback extortion...you might want to read the following also
    Feedback Extortion

    click on the "additional information" bar and forward the seller's emails to ebay.
  8. Thanks for the information, y'all.
  9. :wtf: Wow, I don't have an enormous amount of experience on eBay, but this seems to me to be beyond unprofessional. Definitely report them to eBay. I am glad to know this kind of thing is explicitly against eBay policy.

  10. this is very good to know - it is very unfair that "power sellers" think they can bully buyers!! It is BS really, and why the heck does it take 10 days to ship something???

    Bethy - you have every right to be annoyed and every right to leave neutral or negative feedback - you have proof in the email that the seller threatened you I would take it to Ebay now so this seller cannot bully other buyers.
  11. This is ridiculous! I am an ebay seller I ship immediately I receive payment. This is a totally unacceptable time in which to "process" an item for shipping. I would most certainly report to ebay & report the fact that they are threatening you with regard to feedback. The link for feedback extortion has already been posted here!
  12. As an ebay powerseller, I must say that is not acceptable. However, I would contact ebay on the situation regarding their wording on neg feedback for shipping time BEFORE you leave your feedback. Make sure if they then leave you a neg feedback for a neutral that they will remove it. I had a neg as the buyer said she did not receive her item. I told her she NEVER PAID for the item. Ebay refused to remove the neg. It can be a bit nuts. But I have been very fortunate as I really have the best customers.
  13. I totally feel your pain and frustration!!!! I'm currently waiting for an item that I won 17 days ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I contacted the seller a week ago asking for a heads up email when she sends it out and she responded quickly and was really nice about it, but a week later, nothing.

    I want to raise hell and be bit*chy, but I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and hard spot because she still has my bag. I don't want her to damage my bag, leave bad feedback, etc, etc. My FH wants me to make a claim to ebay and paypal, but I'm choosing to hold off for a little while, because I've been through all of that crap before and I want to avoid it at all costs.

    I'm just so pissed, I've looked at her feedback and most items she shipped out typically took a month to get to it's new owner, so I'm keeping an open mind.

    But I'm pissed because technically she's in breach of contract of ebay's terms and conditions. :cursing: