Ebay/shipping to Canada?


Feb 22, 2006
I have to ship a package to Calgary, Alberta Canada. Is that going to cost quite a bit? I have no clue. The girl wants it either regular mail (which means I have to send it registered right?) or UPS. Which way would be cheaper? It's a $600 purchase. I want to make sure I can track it somehow to make sure I don't have any issues. thoughts? :weird:
Go to the usps.com website and click on calculate postage and go from there. Insurance is included in USPS Global Express Mail for up to $100 only. Then it is extra for more than that.

I have printed international labels and have found it very easy from their website (using tab that says print shipping label). It guides you through it all, but you still need to stand in line and present it at Post Office (versus dropping it off in those big bins outside the P.O. they now have.) However, I have not yet shipped to Canada, so I am not sure if customs forms are required for them.

Global Express is the only one that lets you track it. It's pretty cool to input the tracking number and learn something arrived 15,000 miles away, and at what time!!
Twinklette said:
So if I had a heavier purse it will probably cost close to $40 then or so? Is it insured when you send via express mail? Thanks jc!

it's not insured via express mail but there's tracking and she hasta sign for delivery (plus it's fast) which is good....i think insurance is only a few dollars so shoudln't come out to too much......but favoritethingshawaii is right....if you go to usps.com and choose type of mail/package size/weight/etc it should give you a pretty good idea of how much it should cost :P
If the item is $$$ I would only use USPS via EMS which provides confirmation tracking number. If you want to insure it I wouldn't insure it thru usps since you have to declare the whole value but by 3rd party like u-pic or DSI. They are much cheaper too. Good luck
usps.com has a shipping calculator for all countires, you can see which will be the best way for you. i personally prefer global priority mail for everything international.