Ebay shipping situation - any advice?

  1. Hi all, this is the first real problem I've had on eBay for awhile...I guess I was getting too lucky! Anyhoo, here's the conundrum:

    I listed a bottle of perfume on eBay for domestic shipping only (I'm in the US). Of course, as usual, I got tons of requests to ship internationally. I don't mind shipping internationally generally, but because perfume is considered to be a hazardous substance (made of alcohol) and I was selling a big bottle of it (a MJ body splash bottle), I wanted to confirm that I could ship internationally before replying. I checked with the big three carriers (FedEx, USPS, UPS) and all told me that I WAS NOT ALLOWED to ship this particular bottle of perfume internationally b/c of the size. USPS would ship it domestically via parcel post. I checked the eBay boards as well, and determined that people did ship perfume internationally, but that seemingly everyone that did ship it also lied on the declaration of goods form - basically said that the package didn't contain a hazardous substance. Well, there was NO WAY I was going to lie on a customs form and ship a dangerous substance to make a quick $30 on eBay, so I turned down all international bidders. One bidder, though, I forgot to get back to - I initially sent her a note that said that I would check international shipping laws on the topic and get back to her, but I had so many emails I just missed hers. Well, of course, she ended up winning the auction (she sniped I guess). I emailed her immediately and said that I know I hadn't gotten back to her, but that I couldn't legally ship the perfume. She never got back to me. So I sold the perfume domestically and thought that was the end of it.

    Well, a few weeks after the fact, she just emailed me, told me how much she estimated shipping would cost and that she'd consulted other sellers and the perfume can be shipped safely. She's got several negs to her name already, and I'm sure she's going to neg me (I don't really care at this point, as I'm in the right...I shouldn't have forgotten about her, but I also never quoted her a shipping charge or confirmed that I could ship it and certainly I wasn't going to ship it illegally). But what else can she do to me besides neg-ing me? I'd just like to know...
  2. i don't know if she can do anything other than negging you. she can file a non-performing seller on you but i don't know if that would have any real effect on you.

    funny my friend and i just had a conversation about shipping perfume. i didn't think you could ship it anywhere with any method. which i learned the hard way after selling 3 bottles last year. i think i did a little creative jobbie on it.
  3. Well, even if it won it, the actual auction says that you only ship to the US, right? So doesn't that mean she can't really do anything? :shrugs:
  4. Yeah, I realized this week after asking at my post office, that you can ship it but you have to be explicit about the contents of the package and the size of the bottle. My PO actually told me that if I wanted to ship it I would have to leave the box open.

    Anyway, to the original point of the post, I am sorry this happened to you--it sounds like you are a really, really honest seller and I hate to hear when buyers ignore the terms of service and THEN have the guts to neg a seller. :cursing: I hope she doesn't neg you. But if she does, you could neg her back and then file for mutual FB removal, I guess? It's not ideal, but I can't see what she would gain by refusing.
    Good luck!

    edit: by the way, to prevent this from happening again in the future, you can set ebay prefs to automatically block bidders from countries to which you won't ship.