Ebay shipping question

  1. I'm waiting on my last outstanding purchase, this one from eBay. The seller is very nice, and pending actually seeing the bag and verifying its authenticity, it has been a very smooth transaction.

    Except that in her listing she advertised priority shipping, but actually shipped it parcel? In any case, it's been more than a week since it shipped and it has not arrived yet.

    In the case that the bag has anything wrong with it... well, then there will be other issues, so never mind. I'll have to see what comes in the box. See

    But.... In the case that the item arrives and it is perfect and I am consumed by afterglow, is this worth mentioning in feedback and/or requesting a partial refund for shipping fees (since I paid for priority but obviously am not getting USPS priority service?)

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I would bring this to the Seller's attention that you paid for priority service. I would ask kindly because if you have any problems with the item you want to be able to work them out.
  3. This actually happened to me as a seller. I was sick with a fever and went to the post office and managed to switch two packages. The bag which was supposed to go priority went parcel post and visa versa. Later, when I was better and took a look at the reciepts, I realized the error. I emailed the buyer and felt so bad I REFUNDED ALL shipping cost. It may be too much, but I figured since its my fault, I'll do it. The bag arrived THREE WEEKS LATER!!! So, yes you are entitled for at least a partial refund of the difference. Priority usually takes 2-3 days.
  4. ^^^^Agree with the above..:yes: you can ask the seller to refund the difference in shipping since you paid for priority.
  5. I had this happen to me recently with a pair of shoes. She was supposed to ship priority and shipped using a cheaper method. I asked her to refund me some of the shipping but she ignored my email. I left her positive FB because the shoes were fine, but I also stated that she didn't ship priority as stated in her auction.
  6. The item came, and it actually was even better than her listing indicated... and also I think what had happened was that the box was heavier than you can ship with priority, and she spent more than she charged me on shipping. So all in all, I don't see any use in complaining at this point.

    But thanks all for the feedback! At least I learned something for the future! :smile:
  7. Glad this had a good ending and thanks for sharing it.