Ebay shipping overcharge

  1. I just got 2 items I won on eBay and both times I was way overcharged for shipping. The first item had a shipping charge of $5 and the actual postage on the package was 78 cents with additional 36 cents due!! The second item I was charged $9 shipping and the actual postage on the package was $1.47!! I feel taken. I'm going to email and try to resolve this and not post feedback until it gets resolved one way or another. Has this happened to anyone else? What did you do?

  2. Unfortunately the postage rates are posted before you purchase the item. The sellers are allowed to do it for a couple of reasons.. 1 being shipping charges vary depending on where they are being sent and 2 because the can charge for the boxes, materials, their time, gas etc. But to have you OWE postage.. that is a complaint for sure. :tdown:
  3. I buy on eBay all of the time. The shipping charges are up front on the listing. If I am not willing to pay the shipping posted, then I do not bid.

    But there is definately shipping and handling fee abuse in a lot of cases.
  4. They discuss this on the eBay forum all the time and just today I posted a note where a rather large bag was shoved in a $8.95 box and I was charged $25.

    Sorry for the overcharge you were hit with.
  5. i agree...but I'm willing to pay postage because i assume it's truthful...that's just plain lying and excessive!!! and that's just not right...i would definetly contact the seller and of not they get negative feedback...i would be fine with a few dollars but there's no excuse for charging when it didn't cost nearly as much... let us know what happens
  6. Dont feel bad todays package I was charged 10$ shipping and the total was 1.57

    Yesterday i was charged 5.00$ and shipping was 86cents.

    people tend to charge a ton for shipping because ebay/paypal dont take a free for shipping costs.
  7. When I am selling a bag, I use a new box. I buy postage and insurance. Not to mention packing material (i don't use newspaper) and gas. I'm not even mentioning eBay fees because hopefully I will make enough on the item I am selling. What you see printed on the postage label is not the actual cost of shipping and handling. (for me anyway)

    Quite frankly...If I want an item badly enough I will pay the shipping. When I receive that item in a timely manner and it is how I expected it to be and is as described, I leave positive feedback.

    P.S. to OP...you should never have been requested to pay additional postage. Whoever that seller is...she is ridiculous!! I would be really upset about that!!!
  8. Thanks to all for the quick responses. I had a feeling I was probably going to have to eat the overage but I wanted to see if this had happened to anyone else before I proceed. The postage due on the first item really ticked me off. I will probably have to be "creative" in my feedback. so I don't endanger my rating.
  9. ^^ I've posted positive feedback in one ssituation,
    Something like .. Very please with purchase, great communication, OVER PRICED SHIPPING

    and I was given a neutral feedback
    response was "Shipping and HANDLING includes work time, delivery confirm, materials, gas etc!!"

    It was multiple purchase not shipped together and this is the reply for the second Item I got
    "Petty customer doesn't appreciate the effort required to ship internationally!!!Petty customer doesn't appreciate the effort required to ship internationally!!!Petty customer doesn't appreciate the effort required to ship internationally!!!Petty customer doesn't appreciate the effort required to ship internationally!!!"

    and I left positive on both counts,.
  10. The listing would have said what shipping was going to be. If you weren't willing to pay that amount you shouldn't bid. From my own person experience selling, unless you go figure out the exact costs (including packaging materials) ahead of time, the shipping fee people list are guesses. I've had some I guessed high, and some I guessed really low. I figure it balances out in the end. But clearly you didn't guess right either, since you agreed to the shipping price posted when you bid.

    That said, I think withholding or posting neutral or negative feedback is not right because she told you in advance what the shipping charge was and you agreed to that charge when you bid on that item. She didn't overcharge you according to the listing. And you have no idea what her packaging and handling costs were. You can email the seller and express your disappointment, but I don't think its fair to hurt their feedback because you didn't compare what you thought shipping might cost to what you were being charged.
  11. Did your package come with insurance?

    Sometimes when I sell, I will buy third party insurance through u-pic. Because I go this route, how much I paid in insurance isn't visible to the buyer. It's purchased separately from USPS and thus the total cost to ship isn't truly reflected on the shipping label.
  12. No insurance.

  13. When I sell, I estimate what the shipping will be. I don't have time to go find out the cost for every package I ship. I do try to have the flat rate priority boxes on hand at all times for the heavy stuff that will fit into them. In the instances where I have overcharged, I have refunded, same day as shipping without being asked, the overage. I do see some people charging excessive amounts for shipping. They pocket the extra amount. Saves them on ebay fees when the item actually sells for less than they wanted. I heard somewhere that ebay actually frowns upon this a bit. I think covering your gas and time as a small handling charge is ok, expecially if you do not sell a lot of items, but when you see these ebay stores that generate hundreds of sales a month charging triple what the item will actually cost for shipping, i think that is rediculous. As for having to pay extra, that seller would get a piece of my mind. I think that is absurd and s/he should refund your full shipping amount!

    See this link http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/listing-shipping.html
  14. that being said I would expect at least 8.00 worth of shipping when charged 10$ not1.89$
    for 8.00 the item could have been to me in 2 days not 6.
  15. For the most part I think shipping charges are insane!!! I see it this way... you can go to the post office and they give you boxes... tape you can get at the $1 store and it lasts a long time! For inside packing, use newspaper or tissue paper... get bubble wrap if it is fragile! It really isnt that costly! And with paypal, you can print the postage and stick it in your own mail box, unless it is huge, and they pick it up for you! Unless you are going to the ends of the earth to ship (or are shipping to overseas and need custom forms) dont tack on so much money! $2 or $3 is suffice! I paid $25 for something and it came in this tiny box, I weighed it and checked postage and it was just under $3! $22 for "handling" I think not!

    I will only pay shipping if I think it is decent OR if I really want the item and cant get it elsewhere!

    But as someone said, if ya dont agree with the S&H price, dont buy it!

    OP: You SO should not have got stuck paying an added fee because the seller slacked off!