eBay Shipping Label SCAM!

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  1. I know a lot of you buy/sell on eBay and I had the craziest thing happen to me yesterday!

    I received an email from PayPal as a receipt for a shipping label printed from eBay for $107. It was for a pair of shoes I sold ($60) but I had already shipped. I never use eBay or PayPal's shipping labels. I usually just write out my own. Well a few minutes later I got one from eBay telling me the label was generated blah, blah, blah. Well it used the exact same address I sent it to in Michigan BUT added Russia to the end of it!!!

    As I'm looking for a customer service number a few more of these emails arrive and in total ended up being $347 worth in international shipping labels. I called PayPal/eBay and they voided the labels and told me it would not be charged to my account.

    Wellll this morning they had all posted to my account!!! So I was severely overdrawn. I called PayPal and she was much more help than the eBay CSR I spoke with. She reversed the transactions and told me that once they received the money from my bank they would deposit it back into my PayPal account and I could transfer it to my checking account. I told her that wouldn't work since that was EVERYTHING I had and once the Overdraft fees posted, and I got paid on Friday my account would still be negative for a week. So she's supposed to be posting a provisional credit to my PayPal account so once I withdraw that it will be two days before it's back in my checking. But that's better than the first option.

    This whole ordeal is making me not want to use eBay anymore. I don't sell on there that often. And I've been having some bad luck with buyers not paying anyway. So what's the point?

    I changed my passwords immediately and glad I did. I did some research and there are forums on eBay where this has happened to other people for much MUCH larger amounts!! I also believe there's an option to disable eBay shipping labels being charged to your PayPal account and I will definitely be looking into that. I have yet to call eBay this morning and throw a little fit because they weren't open yet.

    But I just thought I'd give you ladies a head's up!!
  2. Wow, I'm so sorry that happened to you! That is just scary. How can a shipping label be created by the buyer???
  3. it wasn't created by the buyer.somehow my account was hacked and someone used my info for an item I recently sold. From my research into it it seems that the scammers take the labels and they can digitally alter them to put the address they need to ship to in Russia. because the address was identical to the one i shipped to other than the fact "the Russian Federation" was added to the end.
  4. Gotcha, thanks for the clarification! Glad to hear that paypal is taking care of things, but I'm sure it's still a huge PITA for you... so sorry!!!
  5. Omg! Very bad news kenz! That is insane! So sorry that happened. Wish they could catch that person!
  6. Me too! And from the looks of it it's been going on for awhile and some people are getting taken for A LOT more than I was.

    And FYI-if this does happen to anyone else - don't try to get it resolved through eBay. After they voided the labels when I first called they said since it was caught early it wouldn't be charged go my bank account. When I called back the best they said they could do was thirty days! Even after my little rant they said 14 days. And that is posting it to my eBay account which I would have to transfer to PayPal then my bank account so ultimately if would have been close to 3 weeks before I saw any of it.

    So I called PayPal and they had a provisional credit posted in my account THAT DAY! Then only 2 extra days to transfer to my bank account so I will have it back tomorrow.
  7. WOW! That's awful. I guess the only way to protect yourself is to change password frequently.
    I set up my seller account for all my payments to be drafted from a credit card. I do it this way so nothing can be drafted out of my checking account. It's much easier to do a chargeback on a credit card than it is a checking account.
  8. Didn't think that was possible, but folk seem to be able to hack a lot of sites. Some folk need a life tbh. What a nightmare for you. Hope it's all sorted out for you real soon. Hugs.
  9. Thank you! I received the provisional credit from PayPal and it was transferred to my account within two days so I got through it. Thank goodness. It was definitely scary. I never thought something like that would happen with eBay and PayPal. I thought they were pretty secure. But I guess it could happen anywhere.

    PayPal was very helpful in the whole ordeal. eBay on the other hand.. not so much.