ebay selling

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  1. i have been trying to sell my red jasmin on ebay twice already. first time i listed it for $800, didn't sell. second time i listed it for $750, still no bids.

    here is the listing if you want to look. the bag is in pristine shape. only used 4 times maybe.

    no one can post their IDs or auction

    so am i asking too much? or is it because fakes are driving down the price of authentic goods? and we all know LV never goes on sale.

    i got a bunch of offers from $650 to $690, but to me that seems too low. what do you guys think, should i lower the price even more? or just keep the bag?
  2. Heck don't sell it for 600 sth it is such pretti bag why you selling it.
  3. well i decided to sell it because i hardly use that bag, doesn't seem to go with my wardrobe it's such a serious bag. it's beautiful though, i agree. but i prefer slouchier less structured bags like the paddington and balenciagas.
  4. if you don't use it, take $650-690; that's more than you'll have with it sitting in the closet! plus, you can put the $$$ toward a bag you'll love.
  5. Oh I agree it is more serious but so pretty!!!!If I saw it earlier I would be happly take it for a better price!
  6. Tho I say you can still sell it at 680 or sto after the tax it would't be too bad!!
  7. I think you should maybe list it at $695 or something. In my opinion, it comes off as a better deal when it's in another 'hundred' even though it's $5 dollars from $700. But i think the price you listed $750 was very reasonable.
  8. I don't think you were asking too much as all; the question you have to ask yourself is how low are you willing to sell it for without regret?

    You know I am selling my paddy - in my head I know if I can't sell it for xx amount then I will just keep it and use it once a year (lol).

    We all have our number Fayden, sounds like people would buy it for less; but, hell you shouldn't have to give it away either - it looks brand new and it is a Louis.

    Stick to your guns girl and good luck.
  9. I checked out the recent history on epi Jasmin bags on ebay and it looks like the last time you had your Jasmin listed that another seller had a red Jasmin in used condition listed for about $450 and it sold. I bet that it was tough for your auction to compete at the same time, even though your bag is pristine. You might try it again and set the auction at $695 as suggested or 700 or so, but maybe do a quick search and see if any more Jasmins pop up at a lower price (sometimes you can't help it!). You might set a BIN price too - I'm actually willing to pay a bit more for a bag if I can get it right then and not have to mess with the auction!
  10. Yeah if you don't want to give it away for less then you shouldn't. After all you got it because you loved.
  11. how much did it retail for originally?
  12. The jasmin is not even on Eluxury anymore!!!
  13. retailed for $970.00 and i bought it from eluxury!

    but thanks for all your comments, i might relist it again for 700, and BIN for 750.
  14. i just asked that very question today at my LV boutique, since a friend wants to buy my black jasmine. the SA told me it isnow $970.
  15. since 970 is the original retail, i wouldn't go any lower than 700, BIN 750. i think it's reasonable to take a $300 resale hit on a $1k bag, but since it's in such good condition and no longer on elux, i wouldn't accept lower than that. good luck!