eBay selling trouble - again - non-paying bidder but get mad at me???

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  1. She clicked BIN on my LV Cherry Blossom Wallet then said I didn't mention about payment due ( while I've mentioned clearly to clear payment within 36 hours ) and asked for 3-4 days. She said she's serious, trusted buyer and asked to check her feedbacks for ref.

    I trust her and say ok, 3-4 days is ok then after 4 days, she come and offer to pay $35, wish me to cancel transaction.

    I've mentioned, this auction for serious bidder only, no time waster and I won't relist - do mutual agreement. She's so upset and her latest email sounding rude. Can't understand why she's so upset while I'm the one who lost my time. I always assume extra time from my payment term then over without any payment is a time wasting.

    Her latest msg:
    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]Are you saying you wish to wait for payment? I dont understand your message. I am offering a very generous offer to pay you so that you dont take a loss. Buyers usually dont offer that and just take the feedback or the unpaid strike against them. I made the offer because I am a seller myself and I know how much listing fees add up. I asked you to email me a invoice for 35.00 dollars and I honestly dont understand why you didnt take the offer and still have the wallet to sell and make even more money off of it. I dont understand! You cannot lose with my offer as it puts money in your pocket. Listing fee is probably around 10..00-13.00 dollars and I offered you 35.00 dollars. More than double the amount.[/FONT]

    I will do normal unpaid item process and strike given then get back all my fees instead tolerate for non-paying bidder and time waster. What do you think?
  2. I have 1 now. The 7th day is at 12:30 today. Tomorrow I file and once I get the FVF I neg. I am proud to wear a retaliatory neg from a NPB. She wants to pay the 31st! & then I bet she would send an e-check!
  3. I think I'll do the same, noshoepolish :smile:

    I can get $35 from my job but not my 5 days back due to time waster.
  4. is she offering you $35 to get out of the deal? if so, that may not be a bad deal. she gives you $35 through paypal, you get $35 to cover your lost fees and you relist your wallet and sell it to someone else

    is that right?
  5. Its not clear to me either. Its sounds as though she is trying to make up for the fact that she had to change the payment rules.
  6. I know it's incredibly annoying but she's actually being quite fair, I wish a NPB would be this honest with me
  7. If I'm understanding it right, I think it's pretty fair too. I wish more NPB who simply changed their minds would just email me and try to make things right.
  8. i don't know if i am missing something, but it looks like the buyer is trying to make things right :angel:... i would take the $35 since it looks like its going to pay for the current and future ebay fees and just re-list the item... like her email said, you can even make more money by doing that as well...

    Ebay would be a better place for sellers if buyers are this honest and considerate (of course minus the not being able to pay part - but things happen).. that's just my opinion :smile:
  9. She's willing to compensate you for your time and trouble. I'd take the offer and relist.
  10. honestly I'd take the money/ I would get mad becuase my time and money is wasted. She can't refund my time, but, she can refund my money. In my eyes at least, she's trying to make things right.
  11. ^ITA i would take it
    and relist
    its annoying but way easier then maybe getting neg feedback and filing stuff,,,
  12. OH! It's $450 wallet and if she can't pay, she shouldn't ask me to wait for 4 days then cancel transaction, right? Didn't with file NPB and give strike, I'll get back my fees? Beside it, I've mentioned won't relist and do mutual agreement, just affraid if I tolerate on NPB, then other NPB will come after me.
  13. xxxdoublexxx
  14. No one would know
  15. ^^^ :yes:I agree will everyone above I'd take the $35 and relist, most nonpayers don't bother to contact you at all