Ebay Selling: Tip and Tricks

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  1. Hi All,

    Okay, experienced Ebay'ers, how about it? What has made you a successful seller? We know the horror stories all too well. Let's spin the positive. Whether we like it or not, Ebay is the 800 lb gorilla in terms of internet commerce. How can we make it serve our needs, without getting burned??

    Please share!

    (I'd start, but I've only been a buyer...all positive, BTW. But that's another thread!)
  2. bbagbubba, as a seller, it's best to be honest and forthcoming about any flaws/defects (even if it's a minor thing). people see flaws/defects differently. a minor thing to one person can be a huge thing to another person. no one likes that kind of surprise.

    also, take detailed pics. buyers like to see what they're buying. i hate when i see auctions with just 1 or 2 far away pics... it makes me think the seller has something they're hiding.

    i think ebay can be a positive thing. i've had positive experiences as a buyer and seller.
  3. Lots and lots of pictures, in good lighting. Always be available for questions.
  4. I have been selling on ebay- I always answer questions asap and show a lot of pictures. I try my best to be specific about everything- I go about it as if I was the buyer of my item- what would I want to know and see and go from there.
  5. I've been selling on ebay for years, but not all the time--only when I want to pare things down. For me, it's been a largely positive experience. I treat people the way I would want to be treated--that's all. I give detailed descriptions, point out any flaws, ship quickly and pack securely and always email thanks and a note when the item is shipped. Those are the things that I would expect from a seller.
  6. Great responses!
    As a buyer, I think I've learned to smell a rat. As a seller though, I feel that perhaps being anxious to sell might work against my better instincts. Any thoughts on ferretting out the Evil Buyers? For instance, many sellers state that they want 0 feedback buyers to email them first. This puzzles me. What about a person emailing you assures that they will be responsible? Any thoughts on this?
  7. i make anyone with less than 5 feedbacks email me, just to reassure me that they are a serious buyer and have good intentions. most NPBs i've had are from less than 5 feedback people who just like to go and bid to screw you up... for fun or something! just having an email doesnt guarantee me anything, but it helps me to see if a person has good intentions at least. also bidders with neg. feedback freak me out, i expect everyone who bids to have decent feedback or offer an explanation for their bad feedback. i've only had one bidder ever who i asked to explain their feedback history to me.
  8. ^^^^I agree with everyone. Sellers and buyers need to communicate thru the transaction, then nobody's left wondering. Also sellers, YES please tell potential buyers about any flaw, blemish, dirt no matter how big or small. Surprises:shocked:for a buyer is not fair. I wonder about sellers who don't describe the item's condition at all when it is used. :hrmm:
  9. Thanks to all of you, for your responses! I know this has helped me, and hopefully helps others as well!
    Susan-eric, I especially liked your comment about sending a thank you and a note, with the purchase. I know I have really been pleased when a seller did this for me. Oh, and to add another, to my own thread: always tell the buyer when something ships, and include the tracking number!!
  10. Thanks, mocean! Mystery solved.
  11. I have found that the tracking number is a mixed blessing. For example, I purchased a bag from someone that I completely trusted. She sent me the tracking number and for 3 days, it showed on the website that there was no record of the item. I really started to freak out. Even after I picked it up from the PO, it took a day to say the item had been picked up.

    From this, I've kind of thought of the tracking number as another form of insurance. I don't know, I guess I mean that in my experience, the tracking number has caused more anxiety than it has eased my mind.
  12. I don't tend to email the tracking number because it isn't useful for this reason. But I always use them and staple the receipt to a copy of the paypal form so that I have them if something gets lost, although, fortunately, so far, nothing has.
  13. tln & susan-eric,
    Very interesting! Actually, I have had that problem also, when the seller has used USPS. It seems their tracking numbers aren't meant to be used for tracking! LOL!
    I frequently use Fedex and UPS in my work, and with those couriers, their tracking numbers are golden.
  14. I always acknowledge receipt of payment and let the buyer know when
    I will ship. They seem to really appreciate the information, especially on an expensive item, it puts peoples mind a bit at ease.