Ebay Selling Question....

  1. So I purchased a Pirata bag which happened to be the last one at the store I was at. Unfortunately the Mamma Mia straps are just too small for me and I was thinking of selling it on eBay. Does anyone have experience in doing that ? I obviously don't want to selling it for the full price I paid but I'd like to get what its worth. Any suggestions or tips ? TIA !
  2. You can't just return it to the store? If not, maybe you can try putting it up on Live Journal first and see what kinds of offers you get on the bag? Or maybe you can even get trades?

    If you're to sell on e-bay, of course you want to get at least around what you paid for it, but it's so hard because you have to factor in e-bay fees and then final value fees if it sells. So a lot of people have to end up marking their prices up at least a little.

    BTW, seeing your username makes me think of my best friend who's at Ft. Stewart now... Her husband is a Captain and he's in Iraq right now for the second time. :sad: Their daughter is almost 2 1/2 years old and he's missed 1 1/2 years of her life in total so far.
  3. thanks for the help I guess I will try livejournal. I cant return it because i already took the dag off thinking id would work and im just too tall for it. So, thanks for the idea. My husband is also in Iraq, has been for a year. Hopefully he comes home soon.
  4. Yeah... it just sucks that they've been extended by 3 months this time around. So 3 months into this second deployment, my friend finds out they're being extended and it made her so sad because it was like he was starting his year deployment all over again... she's got these month-long chains in her hallway where she tears off one each day so she had to make an extra 3 months. I've gone to visit her during both his deployments so far... It was really nice because I got to spend time with her daughter when she was 6 months and then again at almost 2. So cute!

    So where'd you get your Pirata MM? If it was from LeSportac, I wonder if there's a way to say you got it as a gift so there was no tag on it...?
  5. i got it at the mall here at the LeSportSac store. I guess i will just trying eBay, craigslist lol and whatever else i can think of !!! I really love the pattern, its just too small :sad:
  6. Cool. ^_^
  7. You should definitely try shoptokidoki on Live Journal before eBay, especially if you would be interested in trading for a larger bag in the same print. If you don't know how to join shoptokidoki, just ask here and someone can walk you through it. It's a little bit complicated and can take a day or two to be approved, but it's a great place to buy, sell, and especially trade bags. You could probably get a larger pirata bag by trading yours plus the difference in price; mamma mias are very popular and people are always looking for that size. That way you would get the bag you want and not lose any money on the one you have.
  8. Did you cut the tag off or just the plastic part keeping it to the bag? If you just cut the plastic part and the tag is ok then I'm sure the store will take it back.
  9. usarmywife, where are you located? i know a girl who goes by that screen name on another board i'm on. are you in hawaii?
  10. I don't mean to answer for her... but she just wrote in another thread that she won a AS zucca from a local seller so she can pick it up and the seller is in Aiea. So she's here... I also asked her what area she lives in. Hehe.

    Add another Hawaii girl to the list!!
  11. cool. she's prolly on one of the army/military boards i'm also on then too. time for another hawaii meetup so that we can all meet each other again...
  12. Oooh, you're a military wife too? Cool! Two of my best friends are military wives, Army and Navy. And my dad was in the AF for 27 years and contracted with them for the next 15 so I'm a military daughter, myself. :yes: I tell you, I miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiss having military benefits. Right before I turned 23, I got everything done as far as medical goes!!

  13. LOL yes i am.. which board ? HMW ? lol if so thats funny...
  14. How old are you?
  15. ill be 25 on the 9th