Ebay selling question, advice needed?

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  1. Ok well I had a buy it now price on an item and a very low starting bid. Of course no one used the buy it now so it started off at $9.99 :sad2: I want to get about $250 for this item. The bidding is currently at $50 with 26 watchers and 16 active bidders. Question is, should I end the auction now and relist for a higher starting price of about $225 with a BIN of $250 or let it ride and take my chances that the bidding will go higher? There are a lot of watchers, but nothing says they will bid. I really don't want to get less than $225 for this item as I paid $350 for it.

    What would you guys do?
  2. I would let it ride and if you change your mind, you can end the auction 12 hours before it ends.
  3. agreed
  4. OK! I will do that. Thanks girls!
  5. Good luck, Twinklette!
  6. Thanks so much IntlSet! I hope it all works out without my having to relist.