ebay selling limit

  1. HELP!!! I am trying to list a LV french wallet on eBay and it won't let me?? i just listed a LV neverfull GM on there this week, i had a bid going and a BIN option. Well the next morning, i wake up and someone did purchase it through BIN. Well yesterday, I am trying to list my wallet and it won't let me? It gives me this message::

    "In order to maintain a safe trading environment, selling limits are occasionally placed on accounts. At this time, you are not able to list this item."

    I've only had 5 feedbacks [buying&selling] so is there some kind of policy against low feedbacks? I have a 100% rating. i would like to contact eBay but can't seem to find out where to email them at. Has this ever happened to anyone, im just so confused. Everything i have is authentic & i usually list my items at a fair price, because i put myself in the buyer's shoes. For example, i started my neverfull bid at $299 but i had a BIN price of $450. I only had the neverfull since the end of June and it retails for $665, so i figured it was a good price for a used handbag. I like to sell my bags that i don't often use and the GM was just too big and i only use it seldomly. I don't know, if anyone has any advice or comments.. it be really helpful. Thanks guys!!
  2. There are numerous threads here about this same issue--it's a new "Trust & Safety" precaution that eBay has instituted for certain high end handbags, specifically.

    The good news: I can tell you where to write to eBay. And also, in about a week you should be able to list the wallet--the restrictions aren't permanent bans from selling the item, they are just restricting the number of LV/Chanel/Hermes etc. items one new seller can list at a time.

    The bad news: I do not know of ANYONE who has talked them into lifting the restrictions unless that person was already at least a Gold level PowerSeller and well known to Trust & Safety at eBay. So, really, writing to them is sort of a waste of time.

    The rest of the good-ish news: if you want to sell the wallet right away for the Christmas season, you can search on eBay's Help pages for Trading Assistant, you can probably find a Trading Assistant who specializes in consigning high end luxury goods. Generally they take about a 20-25% commission, sometimes with eBay/PayPal fees on top of that. Most of them will happily sell for someone out of state--especially if you mention that you are an established tPFer. Otherwise, if you would rather wait a week or so, you can try to list it yourself again.

    Good luck!
  3. Thank you soooooooo much for responding, this helped me alot. I'll take your word and not email them but at least i know where i need to go to contact them. Again, thank you for taking the time out to respond and explain to me how ebay works!! :idea:
  4. No problem at all! We all started somewhere :smile:

    If you do decide you want to email eBay just type in listing restrictions into the Help bar and it should bring you to the correct email link.
  5. I had this problem too (too many listings/edits w/in a time period on high end items, although I only had two listed and one edited) . I had no idea this restriction existed. I wrote them and they just sent a silly form letter back. I was able to list mine in a couple of days though. Pain in my a**. I'd like to think they're helping us all out, but with the number of blatant fakes I still see on ebay, I'm doubtful. Sometimes I think they should hire PF'ers to patrol instead of whoever they have!
  6. yes, this policy really stinks when you need to sell something and NEED money fast so you can move on and purchase another item!!! Geesh.. oh but they sure DON'T limit buyers, of course they want us to buy buy buy so they can get their fees with paypal... arrrggghhh!!
  7. yup! It happens to me too. There is like a 7day period wherein you have a limit to posting/revising your listing. Sucks for me because I am selling a neo speedy that at first has a plastic thingy on the back of one of its metal push locks.. but today, I was able to get it off. Of course, I wanted to add an updated pic of it and revise my description to make note of the what I did on the bag because I am sure it will somehow boost more potential bidders/buyers.. but ALAS! I was NOT able to do because of eBay's limitation policy.

    It does suck BIG TIME!!! :cursing:
  8. I had this happen once earlier this year and it was a pain because i frequently update my listings with new info due to common questions or new pics. I responded emailed ebay and they mentioned the restriction on updating listings and they reviewed my account history apologized and removed it.