Ebay selling limit rant, part II (long post, sorry!)

  1. So, last week I was limited to listing 6 items for auction, because of selling limits. I did not do anything about it at that time, because it was not that big of a deal, I just figured I would wait until those auctions were over and list the next batch. WELL....just attempted to list items today, and after two were listed, I received message that I was restricted from listing anything else for 7 days....blah blah blah counterfeit.....
    I chatted with a rep in Live help, and I now have to wait 24-48 hours for a Trust and Safety rep to contact me to get the limit removed. It is the only solution. I mean, really, if they looked at what I was posting, each item was unique, same size range, and ok, there were several of the same designer (duh, I like Chanel), but my question for you all is this, anyone else lately having this prob who is not a store? it seems as though those of us who want to sell a few items from our closets are being penalized while stores selling lots of items are not restricted. What say you....
    boo eBay:tdown:

    The ban is looking better all the time!
  2. oops, forgot, is there a phone number for eBay to call them to complain about this? or do I have to wait to receive an email?
  3. Sorry, maybe I am just a little too angry...does anyone have any suggestions? I just wanted to sell some things from my closet to make space for new things
  4. I'm bumping this thread as the same thing happend to me. I was prevented from listing my 6th item - I have about 20 things I want to sell.

    Did you get the issue resolved in the end and do you have any advice how I can get this limit lifted?

    Thanks for any help/advice
  5. No allaboutnice, it did not get resolved. Apparently, after hearing from the Trust & Safety department, they have decided that because I could not provide a receipt for purchase (I bought the bags over 4 years ago), I could not list them. So, I am no longer selling bags on eBay...because they allow so many scammers to sell lots of fake bags (I returned an email to them with a listing of 6 recent/recenly closed auctions with bids on fake bags--never responded!), but honest sellers who are clearing out their closet are penalized. It is all about the money, and of course, when the seller actually sells a fake bag for over $1000, the FVF go to Ebay!!!

    So, my advice is, find another avenue for selling your bags. Ebay is completely unreliable and unfair!
  6. I just encountered a selling limit issue as well.. it was only my 3rd listing in their 7 day window.

    I was livid.. I'm a powerseller, over 700 transactions with 100% feedback & a proven track record of selling designer goods not to mention that I routinely report fakes.

    It was lifted within 24 hrs but I still got the standard response that gave me the rundown on selling counterfeit goods - I cannot believe how they are treating honest sellers like scammers & let the scammers get away with it!

    How much you want to bet that P(eb)ayPAL will hold the funds of my next sale!
  7. Thank you archygirl for your reply. Doesn't look like I'll get anywhere, still waiting for a reply from ebay.uk.

    I have SOME of my receipts, but imho this can be fairly meaningless as I have seen many faked receipts on ebay. I suppose I will have to stagger my listings, just list a few each week. It's a pest though because I hate writing up the listing, photographing etc - I was on a real roll on Thursday and planned to get lots listed, now I've gone off the boil a bit and probably won't get around to it.

    There's only one bag that I want to list, it was scarves I was listing first - the 6th scarf got pulled. It's so irritating. I tried listing the 6th scarf without putting Hermes in the title and of course, it worked but I decided to take down the listing, there's just no point if I can't get the brand name up.

    Ebay has always been ok for me in the past *touch wood*, it's irritating that conterfeiters spoil it for everyone else yet seem to be able to list all their fake cr@p with immunity.
  8. T-delight, ebay should be looking after sellers like you. At least yours was lifted quickly, I'm still waiting for a reply. I too have 100% feedback but I'm not a power seller, just a score of about 240:shame: I hope you have some good strategies in place to protect your funds.
  9. Hi allaboutnice - eBay only give powersellers their phone number in the UK for telephone support but here it is:-

    Phone Support

    UK registered sellers

    0208 080 2101 (Mon-Fri 0900-1800) (excluding Public Holidays)

    You will need to give them your account number which is shown on your invoices - they may or may not speak to you if you are not a powerseller but at least you can try. Good luck!!!
  10. Thank you gtomad :flowers::flowers::flowers: that's most kind of you

    They haven't replied to my email 2 days ago; I shall give them until Monday and then try calling them.