Ebay Selling Issues

  1. Has anyone noticed any problems when selling on eBay lately? I have bid on items that have been cancelled because of someone breaking into the sellers account. I listed a lodge PM last week(which I did end up selling) but someone broke into my account and cancelled all my bids and I had to start over from scratch. They also tried to get people to sell to them or buy from them outside of eBay. I have just listed 2 LV bags on eBay today and 2 more to list tomorrow but I am freaked out about someone getting into my account again. Not to mention if they somehow get into my paypal or get my credit info! Anyone else have these problems lately?:cursing:
  2. I've had major major issues with ebay lately. I sold maybe 10 LV items but mainly Juicy Couture, Coach, etc (more than 150 items) all authentics with receipts and had major headaches with ebay since they changed their system in December. I just finally closed up shop and decided to take a break for a while.
    I had at least five fake buy-it-nows a day. Foreign bidders or hacked accounts clicking it cause they could and then never answering replies. Some people say they do that just to get your email address so they can get into your account.
    It's sad what the world is coming to!
  3. This is becoming an increasing problem on ebay - bogus buyers hacking into accounts & buying up loads of items. I had 5 items bought that way this week so annoying!
  4. If I have problems with these listings I may stop using ebay altogether to sell my bags. If I decide to stop I will be letting ebay know why.
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  6. Ebay said I should be extremely careful when replying to emails. I must have sent spoof a dozen for my lodge PM listing alone and ALL turned out to be fake! They were people trying to get into my account!
  7. ugh, so annoying!!! do these people not own a television or have some other kind of hobbies??? :sad:
  8. I don't know what's wrong with them! Why they want to break into ebay accounts and cancel bids is beyong me!
    My 2 listings haven't had any problems so far and it's been almost 24 hours. My fingers are crossed!
  9. oh my, wishing you the best of luck! I am so sorry to hear you are having troubles w/Ebay, i can totally feel ur pain. Make sure to change ALL of your online password asap to something alpha-numeric which is harder to crack the code.

    I personally do tons of online shopping w/ONE low limit CC, so i know instantly if someone try to use other cc to make fraud purchase or in the worse case, if hackers did get a hold of my paypal password, all they can do is spend up to the super low limit CC i registered ^^;
  10. that'a a really good idea! I should get a really low limit CC and take my other ones off paypal.
  11. Do you try to use their automated message system, or provide your email address. I don't do it unless direct communication has been established. It is a pain to use, though. It is very bad. Talk about confusing. I think the automated messages are supposed to protect from phishing, or whatver.
  12. Recently too I've received several strange messages through the ebay system. Not the usual 'if you are boring now, etc...', . These are written in decent English and ask for instance if it's the same item that was previously listed by another seller or if the photos were copied from another listing and they provide an http:// address.
    Thankfully I have Norton and when I copied and pasted it into my browser I was notified of the fraudulent website.

    I think fraudulent activity is on the rise again on ebay. It's such an inconvenice when it happens to your listings.