eBay selling experience is frustrating!

  1. By now some of you may know that i've become quite a frequent seller on eBay.. I usually read on tpf what women are looking for or what are the more popular styles, I check out the sample sales when they come around and then take my shot at find them and putting them up on eBay... i don't get it when some poeple say "oh my dream bag is this---i wish there was one available" and then when i get my hands on it and put it on eBay, they are upset because supposedly im exploiting this PUBLIC forum!! thats only the half of it! they even have problems with my listings! when i start them at .01 each, they don't like it because it is only what "inexperienced sellers" do.. so i started doing a fixed price, and now they are thinking i am feeling to oppurtunistic and its too high, when my price is only based on completed listings of eBay.. so it has gotten to a point where it is really ridiculous, especially when people are agreeing with the OP, and it is really frustrating. what do they want??? to sum up, they are sad because they can't find their "dream bag", then they are upset because i put it on ebay, then they are upset that i start at a penny, then they are upset when i start at too high of a fixed price... seems like they just want me to mail it to them for free, no questions asked. :confused1:

    edit: and on top of all that, they think im making this huge profit, they are not taking into consideration i have to take off from work to go to these sample sales, have to bring my car into manhattan and pay for parking on these days, take the time to photograph my bags, upload images, resize images, host images, do my research on the purse, list the thing up, pay ebay and paypal fees, (shipping fees are the only thing paid by seller), buy boxes and packing supplies, and actually have it shipped out. i'm not complaining about the tasks i need to do as every good seller has, but i didn't think how unappreciative some of these people are.
  2. Wow, not having a good time are you. I make a living selling on ebay, and I enjoy doing it.

    If selling is on ebay is what you want to do, then do it the way you want to do it and don't worry about what others think. People who don't sell don't realize how much time and effort goes into selling on ebay.

    Sorry you are feeling unappreciated...dont let it get you down.
  3. Sorry to hear that! But CFT! You don't have to take care of every buyer, leave those annoyings behind. And envy you so much:drool:, sample sales are :tup:!!
  4. I know that ebay can be INCREDIBLY frustrating, you need to remember why you're doing this. It's for your benefit. If someone is too frustrating before the sale they're probably not going to be worth it in the long run.
    Hang in there, it can be very rewarding.
  5. why are you doing your selling based just from here and why do you care what other people say about your listing...do whats right for you start at .01 cent or 10,000. It's your listing run it as you choose
  6. what's a sample sale??

    and thats awesome (for the buyer) that you aren't making them pay for a lot of the extra fees... i never do that. I normally only pay max $4 out of pocket and thats usually because i under estimate the cost.
  7. That's why I pulled from ebay and started my own website. It's doing pretty well and no frustrating customers!!
  8. Buyers drive me insane... it's true, high end bags are incredibly expensive, I often wish someone would just give me one. But I definitely wouldn't show it in such a blatantly obvious way!
  9. Everytime when I pay the ebay fee, I am thinking of pulling from ebay. They charge fee like pirates!:crybaby:
  10. I sell quite a bit on ebay also...usually my own things but I sometimes find a good deal on a hard to find item and post it. I don't buy out the whole stock or have SAs working with me or anything like that....it is just me out shopping and stumbling upon a good deal and buying one item maybe a month for resale....mainly to supplement my own shopping not as a major business (not yet anyway).

    I typically need to add about 10% to cover the selling costs and I usually only add $50 to $100 for my profit on top of that. I have read threads where people get upset when they see hard to find items posted on ebay and that these resellers are buying up everything making it hard for them to find them. I personally appreciate sellers who do this for a living...who do a reasonable markup on the item and don't go overboard. I'm busy and do not have all the time to scour every outlet and store to find size 42 shoes that are hard to come by or I may decide I want a hot handbag after it has already gone through the waiting list phase and has sold out in stores so eBay is often my only hope to get some things that I want and I do not mind paying a bit more than retail for the "finders fee" because someone else found them and listed them on ebay.

    I've also read international buyers who do not have access to items we have in the US or online stores will not ship overseas, so ebay is often the only way to get something because of that as well. I can understand as a buyer being upset about seeing shoes that were on sale for $300 being sold for $900 or a LV cashmere scarf that is $560 being listed for $1250. I also understand why a seller may want to mark that $560 scarf up to $2000 because they saw one sell for that. It is kind of like scalped tickets. There is a Stevie Wonder concert coming up here and the tix were like $50 - $90....it sold out in one day and some have been selling for $600+ and people are paying it so this makes the other sellers increase their price to this. This is why for myself if I am selling something like a $300 item it generally would not be priced at more than like $450 tops though other sellers may be listing it for $800....that covers my cost and it is a decent profit without getting too greedy. Plus I do not like having an item sit forever not selling because it is too high. Some sellers seem to be able to sit on things for months and years having them unsold until they get their desired price....and many do find those buyers that will pay whatever. I also consider recent completed sales and consider that in my pricing.

    I do think that many buyers seem to not consider all the costs that go into listing something on ebay and that you have to add a certain amount to just break even....and if that is all you are adding it isn't worth your time effort and risk to list it in the first place. I agree if I ever start doing it on a more serious level I'd start my own website, though starting on ebay is a good way to start off and get regulars to start visiting a website.
  11. ebay might not be the best but where else can you list something for a week and hundreds of people look at it ! not that many places ( except for your own website !) ebay get the viewings and that is what you want . People will always complain , moan and question , its human nature . There will always be bad days , even bad weeks , and its horrible when you get them . Sometimes it best to take a week off , just to get your head straight again so you don't feel like swearing at every idiot question . If i could pass a bottle of wine down to you i would . Sounds like you need a break ! x
  12. I'm frustrated because nothing is selling. I have 92 items up with tons of watchers and nothing. I don't get it. Maybe it's the season? I know they're out there - and the fees that eBay and Paypal take out really upset me. Sometimes I feel like I should just stop dealing with eBay entirely......................................but I know that'll never happen.....
  13. As much as we vent about eBay and it's problems (especially lately!) It is for the most part .. a lot of fun! It gives someone like myself who cycles thru handbags, shoes, fashion very quickly, a great venue (with a huge audience) to sell their things. I guess the key is not to let the customers get you down .. for every PITA client/question .. there are 4-5 more out there that are very very nice and a pleasure to work with! Big hug to you Luxoleather!
  14. There is a thread about selling during the month of August. There are some good tips and stuff! lemme see if I can find it for you.