ebay sellers

  1. who is your favorite ebay seller? i am looking at a couple things and i think i can get a good deal if i know which sellers to use:tender:

  2. i've bought from random ebay sellers, and so far, they're all great.
    but maybe you can try from MPRS sellers although you still have to do your reasearch or from TPF member?
  3. KarenKooper is DEFINATELY my favorite! :tender:
  4. timeless_lv and lovetosell2u are my favorites.
  5. If you are questioning the Agenda you need to be in the Authentication forum.:yes:
  6. oh,no!But thank you for the suggestion!
    i'd only know if is it possible that timeless_lv is selling a "not very good"piece.
  7. There is some legal action pending against Karen Kooper, or so I've heard. So I would stay away from them just in case.

    I've heard let-tradeDOTcom is awesome - haven't ever purchased from them though.